Post Date May 9, 2016
Duration 33:08
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse begins taking food from the Stahlberger house."

ALL HAIL KING GEORGE! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 9, 2016.


The video opens up with a shot of the Stahlberger Residence, before Corn moves the camera quickly to Jesse, who is just outside the Wingless Eagle, looking angered, staring at the Stahlberger house, while Corn zooms in with Jesse stating he "can't stand her".

The two then walk back to the RV, and Jesse shows that Demma has been fixed since his injury. Jesse then grabs baby food from the cupboard and eats it, all the while talking about Larry, and how he will be coming the next day to pick up the RV with his truck.

Jesse then eats the baby food, while squinting at it's poor taste, but continues to eat it regardless, telling Corn it "tastes good", but then tells him it tastes like "dirty diapers". He then chokes, and throws up the baby food.

Later on, Jesse and Corn leave the Wingless Eagle with the intentions to get proper food, Jesse steals a bunch of it while Corn watches, they take one batch out, before pushing their luck and going back for more, while cooking from Melissa's stove, George Stahlberger spots them, and is initially confused and slightly angered by Jesse's unexpected visit. However, George is unbelievably understanding and even let's Jesse continue, asking him to cook some for him too.

After the two talk for some time, George agrees to let Jesse stay, and doesn't mind. He also tells Jesse he will talk to Melissa.

The video ends with Jesse eating on camera and telling his audience if the video hits 100,000 likes, he'll eat a whole can of cat food, before doing the usual sign off.



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