Post Date December 1, 2015
Duration 22:41
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse and Corn head to Uncle Larry's for chillin' and grillin' only to get a pep-talk instead."

AN UNINVITED GUEST! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel. It was uploaded on December 1, 2015.


Jesse and Corn head out to Uncle Larry's after getting a request to come over from him. They arrive to find that Theresa hasn't come back home yet. Uncle Larry says he wants to talk to Jesse about the night before and serves them water.

Uncle Larry says they can't come over that late as they did in ONE LAST TIME!, because he might think they were robbers trying to break in. Uncle Larry askes them to call ahead next time.

Uncle Larry asks Jesse how he is doing and Jesse tells him he feels terrible and wants things to go back to normal. He tells Jesse to not get involved between his parents and he needs to let his mom have some peace. Jesse finally agrees and sits down.

Theresa comes home and Jesse apologizes to her for getting involved with her and Jeffrey Sr.. Jesse and Theresa decide to play Xbox One. The two are playing a basketball game when Jesse hears a car arrive out front. Uncle Larry looks out the window and sees that it's Jeffrey Sr. Theresa hides away, saying she isn't ready to confront him. Uncle Larry opens the door and talks to Jeffrey Sr., who says that he wants to talk to Theresa and that things are getting ridiculous. Jeffrey Sr. looks inside the house and sees Jesse. He asks Jesse why he's visiting Uncle Larry's house as Uncle Larry returns and says Theresa doesn't want to talk to him. They go outside to continue their discussion, which ends with Uncle Larry saying he'll talk to Theresa. Jeffrey Sr. then leaves.

Theresa returns, which prompts Uncle Larry and Jesse to tell her that she has to talk to Jeffrey Sr. at some point because he will keep coming back. Theresa says she knows she has to, but won't do it over at Uncle Larry's house.

Jesse suggests that Theresa moves into the RV so Jeffrey Sr. won't have to come over to Larry's. Jesse says they can play video games in there without disturbing Larry. Theresa agrees and the two go back to playing Xbox One.


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