Post Date January 9, 2016
Duration 20:37
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse, Corn and Uncle Larry go to check out Aunt Jackie's property."

ASSESSING THE DAMAGES! is a the first episode of the HAUNTED SERIES, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 9, 2016.


The video opens with Jesse talking about his voice, which has noticeably deepened due to him being sick. Jesse then talks about that they're going to go to Aunt Jackie's spare house to check it out to see what sort of work it'll take to fix it up.

Jesse and Corn go to the Abraham Household to pick up Uncle Larry, who is very unsettled by Jesse's deep voice.

The three head to Aunt Jackie's spare house, meeting Aunt Jackie, Theresa and Melissa there. They explore the outside of the house with Melissa making many negative comments. They go inside where Melissa made more negative comments, calling it uninhabitable while Uncle Larry is confident that they can fix it up.

Jesse, Corn, Uncle Larry and Aunt Jackie go outside, where Aunt Jackie mentions how Melissa is getting on her nerves, with Uncle Larry saying her main objective is to convince Theresa not to move there. They go down into the basement where Uncle Larry determines it'll be alright and where Melissa can sleep. They also find an old rotary phone, making jokes about Melissa with it before Jesse closes off the vlog.


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