A DAY IN THE LIFE! (Tent Edition)
A DAY IN THE LIFE! (Tent Edition)
Post Date April 10, 2015
Duration 13:03
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"Jesse walks everyone through a day in his life while he's kicked out of the house. He talks about his morning ritual, showers, poop stories and his diet."

A DAY IN THE LIFE! (Tent Edition) is the sixteenth episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 10, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse talking about the thunderstorm that happened the previous night and how scared he was. He mentions that it's warmer now and that he has decided to make a Day in the Life video.

Jesse says that the day starts with him hearing the birds, wishing he had insulation and spends an hour checking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and his emails on his phone or Jeffrey Jr.'s laptop. He eats a bar for breakfast and sometimes plays Skyrim. Jesse mentions that when he got back to Eagle's Landing after the previous video, the TV had fallen over, hanging off the stand by the wires.

Jesse mentions that when he needs to use the bathroom, he looks outside to decide if he will leave the tent to do so, which today is one of them. He goes over to his "pee tree" and then urinates there. He says that people have asked if he has had to poop, which Jesse confirms that he has done so in different locations away from Eagle's Landing, including Mr. H's house, Walmart and the resturant, but has done so once in the general area of Eagle's Landing sometime after the events of THE SUPPLY RUN!. He describes it as "the most uncomfortable, weird experience of [his] life," and:

"When you...when you sh...-laughs-. When you shit outside, first of all, when I shit outside, it was one of the really cold, wet days. So when you feel this, this breeze go up your butthole, like a bidet minus the water, it's a really weird sensation."

"But it's not that bad, everyone go outside and take a shit!""
Jesse Ridgway

Jesse then talks about that over the past couple of days, he has been taking a legitimate shower every second day. Prior to the supply run, he was just washing his hair with water. Jesse then demonstrates how he showers, wetting his hair with bottled water, then rubbing some shampoo into it before rubbing it out, using more water to help rinse, then using the towel to finish off.

Jesse says how he plays Skyrim, cleaning up the tent and editing the video on Windows Movie Maker before uploading it. He shows himself customizing his character to look like an eagle as he eats popcorn.

Jesse talks about how he sometimes goes to the Morton Building to look for anything of use and how he goes for a walk in the woods or watches the house from afar.

As the video ends, Jesse mentions an idea of lighting a fire.




  • This is one of the videos where Jesse makes fun of his own intro, referring to himself as "McJuggerFucker" as he's drying his hair.
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