A REAL Big Announcement
Post Date June 25, 2016
Duration 8:12
Genre Announcement
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Video Transcript
"Things are going to be very different from here on out. #JuggieTakeover"

A REAL Big Announcement is an announcement video, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on June 25, 2016.


Jesse starts the video off with explaining that he is at Vidcon 2016 right now. He admits to all his subscribers that the entirety of the Psycho Series and Vlogs pertaining to it were all staged. He then describes that the point of the Psycho Series was to tell a story about Jesse going through hardships to do what he loves. He then announces that the channel will still upload and the upcoming content is 2 terabytes worth of outtakes, deleted scenes, alternate endings, and behind the scenes footage of the Psycho Series. He ends it off with Uncle Larry and goes inside his car and pretends to have a tantrum over his car alarm. The video ends with Jesse behind the gate at his house walking towards it while a message is shown thanking the Juggies for everything.



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