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a tangled web.
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Post Date June 8th, 2018
Duration 42:01
Genre My Virtual Escape
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judgment day.
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"Isaac and Arachnid face-off to the death to win the game of E.V.E."

a tangled web. is the twenty-second episode of My Virtual Escape. Uploaded on Storyfire on June 6th, 2018 and uploaded onto YouTube on June 8th, 2018.


TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE —  Isaac and Arachnid face off in a final showdown in Haven to leave only one winner. Getting taken down in a trip down memory lane by The Overlord, in the process, and the origins of E.V.E. are finally revealed in flashbacks.





  • Haven
  • Abraham's apartment
  • Abraham's workshop
  • Joseph's house
  • Martha's house


  • This episode is where we learn in about Abraham's past life and that he was great friends with Joseph and is the creator of E.V.E. Abraham also knew Isaac back when he was little, much to Isaac's surprise.
  • Two years after the finale of Psycho Series; normally Psycho Kid Kills Father this video was uploaded directly from it.
  • This episode marks the return of Mary II and Sarah Cunningham but only as a flashback.
  • This episode also shows a flashback of Issac as a young boy and his little sister as a baby. It also shows a flashback of how she died as a toddler because Abraham didn’t keep an eye on her, resulting in Isaac's life of depression all the way till now.
  • It is revealed that Joseph is The Overlord.
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