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|image = Abraham.jpg
|image = Abraham.jpg
|name = Abraham
|name = arachnid
|real name = Abraham
|real name = Abraham
|alias = Arachnid
|alias = Arachnid

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Full Name: Abraham
Alias Arachnid
Age: early-50s
Gender: male
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Alive
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
    • Malachi
First appearance: THE DEVIL'S LOST SOULS! (THE DEVIL INSIDE SERIES) (sheriff & the outlaw.)
Last appearance: two birds, many stones.

Abraham is a player of the VR game "E.V.E.". He goes by the alias "Arachnid".


sheriff & the outlaw

Arachnid is first seen in sheriff & the outlaw. where Malachi approaches him on his basketball court and asks him if he has any other XP. Arachnid tells Malachi to leave and while Malachi is walking Arachnid shoots him in the head killing him. Isaac who witnesses it happening gets terrified after seeing Malachi get killed and Isaac yells to him. Arachnid points a gun at his head and asks him who he is. Arachnid and Isaac go inside his house and Arachnid explains how you win the game. Arachnid offers Isaac to join him on a mission to visit a drug lord.

scouting solomon's

Not long after, Arachnid and Isaac go to the drug lord's house. When Isaac gets captured by the drug lord's henchman Arachnid listens in on the conversation they're having. Arachnid hears about the drug lord giving Isaac XP crystals. Arachnid confronts the drug lord and tells him that one day he is going to kill him and take over his drug business. Arachnid takes Isaac with him and they go outside. Arachnid gets paranoid that Isaac is working with the drug lord and Arachnid confronts Isaac about Solomon (the drug lord) giving Isaac XP crystals. Isaac tells Arachnid the truth and Arachnid shoots Isaac in the head. Not long after, Arachnid finds most of his XP crystals stolen and he finds Isaac's beanie right next to the container that he keeps his XP in. Arachnid gets a visit from Michael (moderator of the game) who warns him to stop taking Isaac on missions, if he does not stop taking Isaac on missions he will kill him.

Christmas E.V.E

Weeks later, Arachnid finds Isaac and attacks him. Isaac explains that he didn't take the XP and Malachi actually took it. Arachnid takes Isaac to his house and he gives Isaac a gun.


  • These are the list of weapons he's used in E.V.E: Suppressed Handgun, Unsuppressed Handgun, Claw Hammer, CheyTac Intervention Sniper Rifle and even his bare fists.
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