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Abraham Residence
Status: Active
Located at: Pittsgrove Township, NJ 08318
Owner(s): Larry Abraham

Tom Abraham

Inhabitants: Larry Abraham
Thomas Abraham
Theresa Ridgway (Formerly)
Jesse Ridgway (Formely)

The Abraham Residence also known as ''The Lounge'' or ''Larry's Lounge'' is the residence currently shared by Larry Abraham, Thomas Abraham, Garfuncle, and formerly Jesse Ridgway and Theresa Ridgway.


The house sits in the middle of an estimated 2 acre lot.

Inside the main entrance, a smaller living room is seen, with a hallway to the right of the couch, and the dining/kitchen area to the left. To the right, the hallway leads to Larry and Tom's rooms, as well as bathrooms and closets. To the left, it leads to the dining/kitchen area, as well as the laundry room, a closet, a larger living room and the door to the lounge.

Outside in the lounge contains a wall-mounted television, some chairs, and several "Larry's Lounge" signs.

A trailer was kept at the front of the house until it was moved away so Jesse could live in it away from his dad. Eventually, Jeffrey Sr. destroyed it in Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer.

Notable Inhabitants

Name Status When Moved In When Moved Out
Date Video Date Video
Larry Abraham Living in the house Unknown None
Tom Abraham Living in the house June 9, 1995 None
Garfuncle Deceased Unknown None October 14, 2017 None
Jesse Ridgway Moved out April 19, 2015 MEET UNCLE LARRY! May 2, 2015 Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies
Theresa Ridgway Moved out November 25, 2015 Psycho Mom Divorces Husband December 1, 2015 RV BACK TOGETHER
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