Angels & demons.
Post Date June 18th, 2017
Duration 19:51
Genre The Devil Inside Series
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"Isaac believes Parker is lying about talking to Jesse Ridgway through the mirror and decides to escape his situation by hanging out with "the girl"."

angels & demons. is a vlog uploaded on the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on June 18th, 2017.


ISAAC ESCAPES HIS SITUATION BY HANGING OUT WITH JESSE'S GIRLFRIEND — After releasing Jesse's Mom and suspecting Parker is lying about talking with Jesse Ridgway, Isaac decides to escape the situation by hanging out with Jesse's Girlfriend, Meanwhile, Jesse reveals to Parker how to stop Isaac.


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Isaac hangs out with Jesse's girlfriend for most of the video. He evens tells her who he really is, but she doesn't believe him (still thinking it's a character). At the end, Parker Zippel goes to the attic of his house, walks to the mirror, and starts talking to Jesse Ridgway in the mirror. Parker lets him know that his mom is safe and back at home, but Jesse already knew. Parker then asks Jesse when he is coming out of the mirror, also stating that Isaac said Jesse can come out of the mirror anytime he wants to, but Jesse tells Parker that he needs Isaac's mirror, and that if Parker gets Isaac to snap at the mirror, then he can get out of the mirror.



  • Juliette's House
  • Parker's Attic


  • This marks the first vlog that we see Parker Zippel talking to Jesse Ridgway in the mirror. We are also revealed that in order for Jesse Ridgway to come out of the mirror, Parker needs to steal Isaac's mirror.
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