Post Date November 3rd, 2015
Duration 21:32
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse and Corn try to give the dogs some bones from Fan Mail only to find something missing..."

BIGBRUDDA'S BLACKMAIL! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 3, 2015.


Jesse and Corn start off the video by introducing some dog bones that Jesse got from Fan Mail. Jesse decides to give the bones to Poopyjohn, Ella and Luna, feeding them in front of the TV while Jeffrey Sr. is watching it, Jeffrey Sr. orders Jesse to feed the dogs somewhere else.

Jesse and Corn go to the living room and can't help but notice Jesse's Golden Play Button is missing. They ask Jeffrey Sr. and Theresa where the button is but they don't know. Jesse decides to confront Jeffrey Jr., but finds that he's not in his room, nor was the Play Button. They search his office but still don't find it.

Jesse and Corn go downstairs to find Jeffrey Jr. watching TV. Jesse asks where the button is but Jeffrey Jr. denies knowing where it is. Jeffrey Jr. eventually admits to taking it because Jesse destroyed his motorcycle, ruined his halloween party and held a piece of sharp wood to his neck and that he won't give it back. Jesse finally asks him what he wants for it. Jeffrey Jr. asks for one million subscribers on the BigBrudda YouTube channel, the "value" of the button. Jesse protests saying that he can't give him subscribers, but Jeffrey Jr. tells him to shout him out in every video he makes, to which Jesse says he can't.

Jeffrey Jr. leads Jesse to his office to show him something. He shows Jesse's actions that occured in Psycho Dad Interrupts Powwow. Jeffrey Jr. says he'll pick out all the moments Jesse has insulted Jeffrey Sr. and show them to him if Jesse doesn't help him get a million subscribers. Jesse destroys a lamp and reluctantly agrees to give Jeffrey Jr. what he wants until he reaches the milestone.



The events of Psycho Family Halloween, Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle and Psycho Dad Buries Video Games are referenced.

Psycho Dad Interrupts Powwow is seen playing on Jeffrey Jr.'s computer.


Victim Destructor Method of damage Victim's final result
Jesse's floor lamp Jesse Ridgway Ripped apart with bare hands Lampshade destroyed, Bulb socket bent out of position.

Replaced shortly after.

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