Post Date December 8, 2015
Duration 24:39
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse gets a new camera lens and finds his brother at Uncle Larry's."

BIGBRUDDA'S BULLSHIT! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 8, 2015.


Jesse goes to Uncle Larry's house where he finds Larry, Theresa and Jeffrey Jr. playing video games. Jesse confronts the three asking what Jeffrey Jr. is doing and gets upset that Jeffrey is vlogging in Larry's house. Jesse suspects that Jeffrey came over just to get under Jesse's skin. The three tell him he is overreacting. Jesse tells Theresa the Hard Drive no longer works but can be recovered for over a thousand dollars. Theresa says Jeffrey Sr. should pay for it because he destroyed it. Jesse gets angry again about Jeffrey Jr.'s presence at Larry's. Jeffrey gets angry at Jesse's grilling and decides to leave. After he leaves, Theresa and Larry say Jeffrey just wanted to come over and play and Theresa left because of all the fighting going on between them. Theresa leaves to the RV not wanting to get involved in the drama. Larry tells Jesse he shouldn't have made Jeffrey leave because they were having fun. Jesse think Jeffrey is trying to be him by vlogging everywhere and uploading Psycho videos. Larry says there's nothing he can do about Jeffrey coming over. Jesse says he doesn't trust Jeffrey and can only see his dad when seeing Jeffrey. Jesse says he's switching medication for his bipolar disorder. Jesse decides to head out after ruining their night, stopping to mess with Garfunkle before doing so. Jesse says he'll apologize to both his mother and Jeffrey. 


The video received over 43,400 dislikes and only 15,700 likes, making it the most panned video of McJuggerNuggets since Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle. This is because Jesse was complaining about his brother playing video games with his mother and Uncle Larry. Because of this, many Juggies stated that they were going to become Little Brudda's. The dislikes spread over to new videos for a day or two but slowly ceased after that, with views and likes becoming back to normal.


Jeffrey and Jesse later made up and seemingly came closer together (while Jeffrey revealed he was only there for Big Button) when Jesse apologized in ENEMIES CLOSER!


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