Post Date November 9, 2015
Duration 26:00
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse and Corn believe that Jeffrey did something horrible with the golden play button."

BIGBRUDDA'S BURIAL SITE is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 9, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse and corn in Jesse's room while they are excited about getting internet in the room in the Morton building. They go to test how far the Ethernet cord will reach, and find out it only reaches half-way.

The video cuts to Jesse on twitter on his computer. He is freaking out while the camera can't see what he is looking at. Corn shows that everyone is tweeting at Jesse that jeffrey buries his play button. Jesse sees a video that someone linked him. It is a video by Jeffery Jr. that is called BIG BUTTON'S DEMISE.

Jesse watches the first bit of the video and thinks it is click bait. They think he has just uploaded it and that they need to find out where he is. Jeffrey walks away with a shovel and says the play buttton needed to take a dip. Jesse thinks it is revenge for the pitfall prank. He didn't show the burying so he could have faked it.

Jesse and Jeffery decide to wait until he gets home so they can check his GPS for recent locations. They see that he had his truck. The truck has no GPS. They grab the shovel out of his trunk. They walk back in and talk to Jeffrey. Jesse suddenly grabs Jeffrey's phone and runs to his room. Jeffrey storms in and takes his phone back, with Jesse getting no address.

They look at Jeffrey's Instagram post. Jeffrey supposedly posted the address of the burial site.

The video cuts to Jesse and Corn in the car trying to find the location. They find it then they search for where Jeffrey buried the play button. They find the grave that says it died as it lived with Jesse trying to frantically get it back. They wonder if it's a trap.

They start digging into the ground.they become suspicious when there are roots. They keep digging and realize that he didn't bury the play button. Jesse and Corn go back home.


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