Post Date September 12th, 2015
Duration 22:53
Genre Vlog
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"While Jesse is living in the RV, Jeffrey shows up to Uncle Larry's house to talk."

BIGBRUDDA'S CONSPIRACY! is a vlog video by McJuggerNuggets uploaded on September 12th, 2015.


Jesse is now living in Uncle Larry's RV again after being kicked out by Jeffrey Sr. again. Jesse talks about how he is close to hitting 2 million subscribers. Jesse visits Tom at his house to play video games with him, to which Tom leaves his schoolwork to play Smash Bros Wii U with Jesse. Afterwards, Jesse returns to the RV and complains about how much better Tom is than him at video games now.

Jesse suddenly notices Jeffrey Jr. walking towards Uncle Larry's house, deciding to stay in the RV and watch from afar. Uncle Larry comes out of the house and two converse. Things appear to get heated between them, but Uncle Larry lets Jeffrey Jr. come into his house. Surprised, Jesse leaves the RV to investigate and hears the two yelling and walks around to the backyard and hears the two talking on the over side of the fence. The two are sitting in the lounge drinking beers. Jesse hears Jeffrey Jr. apologizing to Uncle Larry and is surprised to hear Uncle Larry acting cordial towards Jeffrey Jr..

After Jeffrey Jr. leaves, Jesse confronts Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry says Jeffrey Jr. was telling him his side of the story and that Jesse is not always in the right and the pitfall prank was wrong on Jesse's part. Uncle Larry also mentions that Jeffrey Jr. came over to discuss business that he can't discuss with Jesse.

Jesse goes back to the RV and expresses his outrage at the thought Jeffrey Jr. could be selling merchandise through his store. Jesse formulates a plot to get back at him and thinks he might have to find another place to live.




Jeffrey's side of these events can be seen in Stage #3 - The Gamble.

The events of THE PITFALL PRANK! were mentioned.


Most of the viewers are against Jesse due to his rude behavior towards Uncle Larry, despite the fact that Uncle Larry is letting him stay in his RV.

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