Post Date September 17, 2015
Duration 14:00
Genre Vlog
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BIGBRUDDA CONFRONTATION! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on September 17, 2015.


Jesse and Corn are sitting in the sun room of Corn's house where they go through a package of American Ninja Warrior materials. Jesse gets a text from Jeffrey Jr., saying that he is on his way over to talk business after the events of JUGGIES STORE FREAKOUT!.

Jeffrey Jr. and Jesse meet at the yard. Jeffrey Jr. can't believe that Jesse confronted Theresa and made her cry. Jesse says the BigBrudda shirts won't sell and its all his fault for him being kicked out, to which Jeffrey Jr. says it was Jesse's own fault for getting kicked out. Jesse wants to know why he should allow the BigBrudda shirts on his store page, wanting some of the revenue. The two try and come to a percentage but they can't agree. Jeffrey Jr. finally offers 5% of the revenue and he will get Jesse back into the house. After some hesitation, Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. agree to the deal: Jesse gets 5% of the revenue and will promote the BigBrudda shirts on Twitch, and Jeffrey Jr. will get Jesse back into to the house. The two shake hands in agreement and Jeffrey Jr. leaves, promising to text with an update.

After a few minutes, Jesse realizes just how little 5% of the revenue will actually be.




BIGBRUDDA CONFRONTATION! follows the events of JUGGIES STORE FREAKOUT! and Stage #3 - The Gamble.


  • Jeffrey Jr.'s original counteroffer to Jesse's 30% was 15%, meaning that Jesse actually would have made more money if he had agreed to him immediately rather than negotiate.
    • However, this offer didn't include Jeffrey Jr. getting Jesse back into the house.
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