"Just an update on what's going on in the aftermath of Jesse getting arrested and what plans I have..."
Post Date May 21, 2015.
Duration 2:58
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BIG BRUPDATE is the first BIG BRUPDATE uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on May 21, 2015.


Jeffrey Jr. is in the Morton Building, preparing his bicycle for a 60 mile bike ride on the weekend. Jeffrey Jr. then talks about the events of Psycho Kid Gets Arrested, saying a lot of people are pissed off at him because of his actions in the video. Jeffrey Jr. defends himself by saying he is working the entire time while Jesse is tweeting and what he said to Jesse wasn't even that bad. Jeffrey Jr. hasn't heard from Jesse since he was arrested, but thinks he saw Jesse's car at Uncle Larry's house.

Jeffrey Sr. is livid at what happened with Jesse because they bought all their material from the store Jesse vandalized for years and are now no longer welcome back, although they didn't have to pay for the all stuff Jesse broke. Jeffrey Jr. ends the video with his plans for the weekend.


BIG BRUPDATE ties directly in with Psycho Kid Gets Arrested, taking place the day after and the events of which being the main topic of discussion.


  • BIG BRUPDATE reveals that Jeffrey Jr. is 26 years old.
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