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Post Date September 26, 2017
Duration 17:25
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Some Canadian Juggies and I break into Michael McCrudden's "Before They Were Famous" studio to take him down once and for all."

BREAKING INTO MCCRUDDEN'S STUDIO! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on September 26, 2017.


The video begins with Jesse, Chase, and Jordan outside Michael Mccrudden's building in the afternoon, thanks to Chase's longtime friend Travis through phone where Michael Mccrudden is located at. When they got there, but there's no entrance for the building because it was locked up. Jordan says "Let's find the other entrance?!" and Chase recommends it's "trespassing!", but Jesse and Jordan don't care about if it's trespassing because they got travelled from Chase's crib to Michael Mccrudden's building.

Before they get inside the building Jesse warns them that they don't have to cause no trouble and getting no caught. They get inside the door from the other side instead of the main door. By that time they got inside the building Chase states that "doesn't look like a studio?". Making numerous attempt to find Michael's studio, by causing a lots of noise around the building. Chase calls Travis feeling there is no way to find where Michael is at, Jesse gets furious at Travis not knowing where Michael is? by calling him "a piece of shit!" and "it's not fucking funny?!".

They get in the other room which is a restroom. In the left side of the background it can be seen a person named Matt Rubel (the guy who is responsible of writing slander to McJuggerNuggets's Before and After They Were Famous life and Jesse doesn't even notice him because is an worker) working on a computer and also this is the office where Michael works at. Jesse and Chase follows Jordan to the stairs and attempting to go upstairs, but they already get caught by a guy named Keval, who was going downstairs and then he sees them by telling "what are you guys doing in here?". Jesse replies that they are "looking for Michael Mccrudden", Keval instead of telling where Michael is, he tells them to leave because they are recording and no cameras aren't allowed in the building. Jesse tells him that he will be not doing nothing, but Keval ignores him and tells them to leave. Keval accompanies them to leave to main door and instead he makes them leave to that other door where the trio had previously entered to the other side. Keval tells them if they come back here or else he will be calling the cops on them.

Jesse accuses Jordan to "jumping like a kangaroo?!" and Jordan explains that they should go down as a signal because of jumping. Jesse gets furious because of getting kicked out of the building and so Jesse came up with the other idea that they should climb up to the fence's building and then snuck from the back of the building. They sees a garage's door to sneak in. Jesse attempted to open the garage's door, so he goes down to the garage's door was left down little bit open. Jesse manages to get inside, but the rest of the two were behind and Jesse farewell them. When he is exploring inside the garage to find a way to get out of this room, Jesse hears Jordan lifting the garage's door because he and Chase can't leave behind to beat up Michael and they get get more time to find the way. They finds an elevator in garage and they stops up to the second floor of that building.

The video ends with Jordan pointing at Michael Mccrudden's proper studio written "MICHAEL MCCRUDDEN ENT" and Jesse and Jordan are ready to beating up Michael, and Chase will record for Jesse and Jordan beating up Michael. Jesse breaks in Michael's studio and confronts him as video ends with Jesse grabbing Michael's suit and verbally insulting him.


  • Jesse
  • Michael McCrudden (cameo)
  • Chase
  • Jordan
  • Keval (first debut)
  • Matt Rubel (cameo;first debut)
  • Travis (voice mail)
  • 2 Unnamed employees
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