• TheRealMcJuggerNuggets

    I have the official McJuggerNuggets tours going on right now!

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  • Luigiman1999

    I can't wait for the release of this novel. Even if I didn't get it this Christmas, I'll get it eventually and get to see the giveaway related to this.

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  • Ryzer04

    Hover titles

    August 14, 2018 by Ryzer04

    Testing hover titles on this wiki, I noted that nobody used or created a hover title template page...

    I used some and made a broken template page... should be fixed now.

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  • Mister Explicit

    I won't edit as much as I had in 2016, but I now have more free time on my hands and I do wish to frequent this site again, although I must insist that I may not be here everyday.

    To start, I just want to clear some grammar issues on webpages whenever humanly possible.

    It's gonna be a rough hike up back to stardom, but I believe with some effort, we can revitalize our community.

    Happy 2018!

    Mister Explicit 12:57, January 5, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Larry.Abraham7


    December 7, 2017 by Larry.Abraham7

    I assume jesse is still in the Mirror how ever larry might be Psycho uncle but is this devil Issacs dad or is it just a fathem of The serise

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  • Scarface927


    December 5, 2017 by Scarface927

    Haven't watched MCJN in about 6 months now. What'd I miss? :)

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  • BrianME


    October 13, 2017 by BrianME

    There's a user named BillMe who is LITERALLY VANDALIZING MY USER PAGE AND SPAMMING ON MY MESSAGE WALL. Can you admins please block this guy?

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  • Mister Explicit

    Well. I haven't done this in a while.

    I'm not back, but I just turned 25, so I'm looking back at some personal accomplishments of mine, and how this wikia has been going in general.

    I gotta say, after my last visit two months ago (yes, I still look at this site), we've grown far. Just a supportive message to all administrators, moderators and users to continue riding that high, I guess and make this the defining database for all McJuggerNuggets fans. 

    It may come as a surprise that I'm here again, but I'm not gonna be a regular, or at least not as much as I was back a year ago in 2016. I'll try to check in more often. Probably not gonna cancel my retirement from here, but I like what this site has become, from the early days I have been here …

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  • Pinoyaj1995

    This February 2018 New Series as Stephen vs Jesse will be located in Nineveh Indiana

    The main of Characters:

    Jesse Ridgway

    Stephen Quire

    Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.

    Jack Quire

    David Quire


    New Videos on Wafflepwn on February 2018 the Greatest Freak Out Ever 36 and 37.









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  • Tiger082762

    The next Vlog that i think would be is probably the greatest video, McJuggerNuggets will have in store for us. Hoping for a ticket to the Psycho Series 2.

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  • Tiger082762

    So i have a couple series McJuggerNuggets could do in the future that will make a channel more cooler.

    Here's the list

    1. Psycho Series 2 (yeah probably unlikely to happen)
    3. Music Series
    4. Fan Mail Monday II
    5. PoWoW II (hey atleast it happened around the Psycho Series timeline)
    8. Psycho Spinoff Series (maybe?)
    9. Travel Series
    10. Prank Series (probably already happened, but make it a series)
    11. Dream Series
    12. Wizard Series
    13. School Series (jeez WTF)
    14. Family Trip Series
    15. Halloween Series (WTF Jesse make it happen)
    16. Stalker Series (maybe)
    17. New Jersey Series (okay that would be pretty cool)
    18. Construction Series II (yeah!!!)
    19. Game/Movie Review Series (ehhhhhh i guess...)
    20. 24 HOUR CHALLENGE SERIES (i'd love to see Jesse …
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  • Tiger082762
    1. The content is repetitive
    2. The characters are not entertaining or fun in the 2017 series for a's worst than the Psycho Series. (but this is my opinion.)
    3. McJuggerNuggets lost ideas
    4. It became too over-dramatic
    5. The videos are too long and uninteresting. If you look back at the Psycho Series vlogs it did it way better.
    6. He rarely uploads 1 scrap of a video only instead uploading 1 video every 2 or 3 the Psycho Series he'd do 2 vlogs a day...i wonder what happen there Jesse Ridgway?
    7. There hasn't been anymore Psycho Videos, besides that's the reason why he even has subscribers...i'm not saying he needs to continue the Psycho Series...but atleast do a classic Psycho Video once a week. Besides atleast he uploaded PSYCHO DAD BREAKS CA…
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  • Tiger082762
    1. Psycho Kid Reunites With Father
    2. Psycho Dad Crushes Video Games
    3. Psycho Dad Gets Arrested
    4. Psycho Kid Smashes Cameras
    5. Psycho Mom's Marriage Return
    6. Psycho Brother Steals Youtube Play Button
    7. Psycho Brother Impacts Morton Building
    8. Psycho Dad Destroys Gaming Setup
    9. Psycho Mom Torches Router
    10. Psycho Dad Tortures Kid
    11. Psycho Brother Shoots Wii U
    12. Psycho Uncle Rips Apart House
    13. Psycho Uncle Shatters Youtube Play Button
    14. Psycho Uncle Incinerates Golfing Equipment
    15. Psycho Dad Grills Nintendo Switch
    16. Psycho Dad Launches PS4 Pro
    17. Psycho Family Supper
    18. Psycho Family Television
    19. Psycho Family Robbery
    20. Psycho Kid Hijacks Gun
    21. Psycho Kid Gets Kicked Out
    22. Psycho Dad Chainsaws Bathroom Objects
    23. Psycho Dad Sledges TV
    24. Psycho Mom Trashes Kitchen
    25. Psycho Dad Fries Xbox One
    26. Psycho Uncle Axes Laptop
    27. Psycho…
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  • The Six-Fingered One
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  • Tiger082762

    Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox - An angry father catches his gamer son playing video games and throws out his Xbox.
    Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout - An angry sibling destroys a 1,000 Camera-Corder over being framed on YouTube.
    Psycho Dad Axes Laptop - An angry father finds out about the Psycho Video and takes an Axe to a Laptop by hitting it.
    Psycho Brother Clips Head - An angry sibling trolls his brother by cutting off some of his beloved hair awakening the ridgway family.
    Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games - An angry father gets fed-up with his gamer son not getting a part-time Job and destroys his video games
    Psycho Kid Smashes TV - An angry father destroys friend's Nintendo DS and causing his son to smash his television.
    Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox - An …

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  • Tiger082762

    Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox - Psycho Dad Chucks Xbox
    Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout - Psycho Brother Smashes Camera
    Psycho Dad Axes Laptop - Psycho Dad Wacks Laptop
    Psycho Brother Clips Head - Psycho Brother Clips Hair
    Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games - Psycho Dad Devastates Video Games
    Psycho Kid Smashes TV - Psycho Kid Wrecks TV
    Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox - Psycho Dad Sinks Xbox
    Psycho Dad Wrecks Car - Psycho Dad Destroys Car
    Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath - Psycho Ketchup Scare
    Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One - Psycho Dad Slams Xbox One
    Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving - Psycho Kid Trashes Dinner
    Psycho Family Apology - Psycho Brother Breaks Tripod
    Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree - Psycho Kid Burns Christmas Tree
    Psycho Dad Raids Stream - Psycho Dad Busts G…

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  • Tiger082762

    2018: Will probably be the year where he makes a new series, involving alittle more of Psycho Skits or a parody of Psycho Series 2 or maybe a brand new-series, possibly a sequel to The Devil Inside therebefore it's coming to an end. His views might go lower or maybe improve we'll see.

    2019: Will probably be a series about Role Reversals of the Psycho Series, possibly finishing all 50 of them. This year their will be probably be alot more, possibly more new series titled maybe The Past of Young Jesse Ridgway and a another one involving another drama series or probably a Psycho Series 2 which may maybe never happen but we'll see. Also Jesse will most likely hit 4,000,000 million subscribers in 2019 or 2018, if he manages more viewers.


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  • Tiger082762

    The best character in the Psycho Series would be... Psycho Uncle

    Psycho Kid takes second place i guess.

    Psycho Dad takes third place.

    Psycho Brother takes fourth place.

    Also Chris Ridgway is another memorial character.

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  • Tiger082762

    2012: This year was awesome cause it started the Psycho Series.
    2013: A pretty disapointing year in my opinion.
    2014: This year was pretty cool, but certainly not the best in my opinion.
    2015: This year was probably the best out of all of them, alot of funny Psycho Videos and alot of drama.
    2016: This year is where the Psycho Series hit the last season and became even more extreme and intense.
    2017: It's a cool year, but not very exciting. Doesn't feel the same since the Psycho Series ended.

    by far probably i'd say 2015 and 2016 were the best years of McJuggerNuggets, but 2015 is year of McJuggerNuggets overall.

    The best year and winner of McJuggerNuggets was 2015.

    1. 2015
    2. 2016
    3. 2014
    4. 2017
    5. 2012
    6. 2013

    2013 is probably the worst year of McJuggerNuggets for the Ps…

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  • AbsolutionDomination

    This douchebag by the name of SanicGolaxy whatever is back on the wikia causing havoc as I get on. Why? Why is this guy keep doing this idiotic behavior. He's probably some 57 year old pedophile or a stupid fifth grader trying to be "cool." Someone and you Sanic need to respond. And I need to do something.

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  • Tiger082762

    Okay so here are each Psycho Videos that i thought should've been apart of the Psycho Series and that should've actually happened and be made into a bundle of Psycho Videos with another title.

    1. Psycho Dad Mounts Golden Play Button
    2. Psycho Brother Moves Out
    3. Psycho Kid Burns Down Residence
    4. Psycho Family Finale
    5. Psycho Dad Incinerates Youtube Money
    6. Psycho Dad Imprisons Child
    7. Psycho Dad Kills Brother
    8. Psycho Dad Gets Arrested
    9. Psycho Dad Reacts to Three Million Juggies
    10. Psycho Uncle Fist Fights Father
    11. Psycho Kid VS Father
    12. Psycho Kid Escapes Residence
    13. Psycho Kid Moves to New Residence
    14. Psycho Family Ending
    15. Psycho Dad Razors Video Games
    16. Psycho Dad Commits Suicide
    17. Psycho Kid Jumps Off Rooftop
    18. Psycho Kid Flood…

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  • SuperYoshi1220

    Who deleted it and why?

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  • Tiger082762

    My top personal Psycho Videos listed below the drain...

    1. Psycho Kid Moves Out (I know this Psycho Video wasn't really a true finale to the entire series and leading up the point where it made Psycho Kid Kills Father exist i mean this Psycho Video was very important to the series cause we'd know if Jesse really did move out in this video their wouldn't of been another 10 Psycho Videos, but thankfully it did happen, this Psycho Video had awesome destruction in it where Jeff freaked out over being embarrassed on YouTube and flipped over the trophy case and broke it and then chucked Jeses's Money into the locker made this a very cool realistic Psycho Video)

    2. Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room (Possibly the best fking Psycho Video I've ever wa…

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  • Tiger082762


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  • Tiger082762

    Personality i liked every single one Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies was the ending of the Eagle's Landing Season and it was a pretty emotional one, possibly my favorite one in the Psycho Series, but their was also Psycho Kid Moves Out which was Jesse's false ending to the Psycho Series this one was pretty surprising and probably the funniest Psycho Video I've watched on the planet where Jeff refuses to let Jesse move out and that calls for 10 more Psycho Videos leading up to the real finale and escape of the Psycho Series. This Psycho Video Psycho Kid Kills Father was pretty intense and insane where Jesse becomes the father he never was and does the worst thing in history is by committing a crime by killing his father Jeff which …

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  • Tiger082762

    Hi, just another friendly visitor of the McJuggerNuggets Wikia and this will probably be visited by me mostly everyday to make new articles and new editing for uploaded content. Let's say this is probably the first Wiki website i got into. Which made me wanna make my own, but then i realized it was too complicated and too confusing for me so i decided to just edit here for the meantime so i can learn how to become a better Wiki editor and contribute for everybody's awesome Wikis. #JuggiesforLife. I was really into McJuggerNuggets Psycho Series and stopped watching for awhile when he uploaded Psycho Kid Flees Country, but then i remembered him and decided to come back and spread the word on how talented he really is. Also if i do get modera…

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  • Tiger082762

    I get that the Psycho Series ended with Jesse murdering his father and fleeing to Switzerland, so it would pretty much be the end of him, but what if Jesse brought back Psycho Kid and continued the story with a new plot and have Psycho Dad come back alive from the Hospital.

    If this can get enough votes for a Yes then Jesses gotta care enough to do it for the Juggies. Bring back Psycho Family Destruction!

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  • BrianME

    first badge in a while

    April 19, 2017 by BrianME

    Sorry for an unnecessary blog, but I finally got a badge in a while!

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  • DarkUnknownWarrior


    April 19, 2017 by DarkUnknownWarrior

    McJuggerNuggets Community, We NEED a NEW ADMIN. All of the Admin's on the wiki, including me, Are inactive. We need to find new people to work on here. Please write in comment if you want to start off as a Moderator. NOTE: USERS ONLY CAN APPLY IF THEY HAVE OVER 500 CORRECT EDITS!.

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  • Scarface927

    I'm Back

    April 10, 2017 by Scarface927

    Hey, Maz here. I am starting fresh under a new account since I can't change the name to my old one. I will be checking up momentarily. I have new-found interest in McJuggerNuggets with this "Psycho Series 2" thing that seems to be circulating. It's been a while since I've been here... dang. Made lots of friends here and I only see about 3 of them still active. Hopefully with the new Psycho Series, things can get back on track. It's nice to be here again! - Maz

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  • BrianME

    Sees video

    Clicks on it faster than the speed of light

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  • Bomberswarm2

    the channel is dead

    March 23, 2017 by Bomberswarm2

    views down 85%, subs per month down 105%, his views per sub per day is 1/4 what kid behind a camera is. jesse's not a likeable person outside of the psycho series. his actual life is boring. he makes boring identical series. he may as well tell us what he was going to do for 4 millon subscribers, because he'll never reach it. his views will drop down to about 20,000 per day within a year. he'll be bringing in maybe 200$ a week. its over. his channel is dead. he is a one hit wonder. he is going to have to get a real job very soon, because nobody is watching his videos, because nobody cares about mcjuggernuggets. they only care about the psycho series. 

    so you may as well stop editing this wiki, because its just going to be a relic of the pas…

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  • Shinnest

    Psycho Dad and Edgar

    March 9, 2017 by Shinnest

    What is the difference between Psycho Dad and Edgar?

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  • Hiroshima64

    W H Y

    February 10, 2017 by Hiroshima64

    First, Mcjuggernuggets leaves to California and "kinda" quits Youtube, and now AGP has cancer? Is 2017 gonna be known as "The Year Without The Freak-Outs"?

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  • DarkUnknownWarrior

    I'm Famous

    February 2, 2017 by DarkUnknownWarrior 

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  • Amtk128

    I think the failed take of "Psycho Dad Wrecks Car" should have its own article just like a normal Psycho Video article would. However, I'm not 100% sure about it, so I wanted to ask the rest of the community what they think.

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  • Rockfan4life

    Before i begin, i want to point out that I'm PsychoRidgway from yesterday. I was blocked but today i created a new account as i wanted to explain about what went down yesterday. Also before i explain [which may take a while] please do not give me shit for my explnation, if you want to talk to me, leave a comment below or PM me & we'll talk then. Until then, here's my explanation

    So for a while now, i've been coming on this wikia to read the articles/comments. But there's been 1 person who i somewhat have an issue with. That is Ivan. Now i have nothing against Ivan personally, but the problem i have with him is how he constantly leaves comments on almost all of Rush's posts. Like i understand that some of Rush's posts are annoying i get it, …

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  • Rushwrj13

    I am glad to be back. It finally seems that Jesse has listened to us fans! Even better, we get to travel with Parker for a whole week! But could this good fortune last before a tyrannial government shuts it all down? That's right folks, our new president could be SO powerful that he will use his cabinet to censor or perhaps even ban any entertainment on the Internet or television not having to do with the Christian religion. But Rush, you're overreacting, he only assumed last Friday and he's already going to enact far-right religous law onto this great nation? No, not immediately, but down the road he very well could. 

    You see, the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is a Fundamentalist who will probably force all public schools to have ma…

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  • Ivan187

    One year on this wiki

    January 17, 2017 by Ivan187

    I forgot to say something about this earlier today, but anyway...

    I feel like I joined this wiki and made my first edit like it was yesterday. I cannot believe it's already been an entire year here, witnessing the end of the Psycho Series, racking up over 3000 edits, and overall, being well received by the community, despite some mishaps. However, as the year went by, I seemed to have been losing interest because of how foolishly people tend to make edits on articles, and how I had to deal with one or another misbehaving person, but I won't be saying any names.

    Since it's now my anniversary here, I realized I never discussed all the Psycho Videos since I made the poll way back in July, and I'm probably never going to because I'm at this poin…

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  • Hiroshima64

    For the past few days, Mcjuggernuggets has been losing subscribers since January, 4th. In fact, unless something changes now, it looks like he will be the next Leafyishere. But why?

    In my POV, I think his announcement that he will blur out the cussing made a lot of people mad as they didn't have any problems with the cussing.

    More reasons include not uploading every day, Psycho BTS may be a lie or maybe cause the new multi-personality series hasn't been doing so hot just like when the Psycho Series and Collab series did.

    But will Jesse end up with 0 subs? Probably not. Eventually, these people will come back to Mcjuggernuggets and things will be fine. But for now... R.I.P Jesse's Subs

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  • Rushwrj13

    Please Note: This is fan-fiction only. Jesse did not announce this in any of his videos. 

    Anyways, my ultimate hope this year is that Jesse will read my comments on this wikia, and ultimately decide to give in to make a "grounding series" to appease both myself and my grounding fetish. The premise of this series would be Jesse running around town grounding random people as well as his friend and family. These episode would be around 30 seconds-2:00 long, similar to Everyday Situations. Below are a list of potential episodes:

    Episode #1: Jesse Grounds J.T.

    Starring: Jesse Ridgway, Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.

    Reason for grounding: None

    Grounding Sentence: 98325470983417509392910751340758904370195980743907534907513490758 years

    Episode #2: Jesse Grounds *Hi…

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  • ShockwaveDude120

    It's been a long time since I've done any of these blog posts, but regardless, this is one that should be done.

    I would like to wish all users (including past and new users) a beloved happy new year. 2016 has overall been a rough ride for our community as we've found ourselves dealing with different situations on multiple occasions. Sadly, some users have gone as well (including a beloved admin that will always be remembered). In the end though, we've managed to work our way through together and continue keeping this wiki up.

    While the wiki hasn't received much activity these days, we can still hope that this wiki will eventually rise back to its glorious days, and overall wish the best of luck for the community as a whole this year, in 2017…

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  • Benwellzs28

    It's now 2017 in Scotland. Happy new year everyone! Hopefully your 2016 went well and your 2017 will go well too or even better, and let's make 2017 a better year for this wiki! :D

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  • DarkUnknownWarrior

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2016 by DarkUnknownWarrior


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  • Thenatester2001

    One Year Later...

    December 29, 2016 by Thenatester2001

    well, it's officially been a year since Jesse's girlfriend raided the wikia and threatened to sue unless all pages about her and her family were taken down. it's been quite a year. people being blocked and warned everywhere for saying her name (i remember my first edit got me a warning because i said her name), the paranoia, the craziness, everything else. i might be making this sound a little dramatic, but it's an extremely important day in the history of this wikia, and is probably the worst day in the history of this wikia besides April 10th, 2016 and November 24th, 2016. Therefore, we should take a moment of silence to remember this tragic day in the wikia's history.

    P.S. though it's unrelated to the topic, rest in peace George Michael,…

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  • TTTEFan97

    The Trip

    December 29, 2016 by TTTEFan97

    I just have to get this off my chest.

    First of all, "Happy" Anniversary to the 12/29/15 incident (not sarcastic at all).

    Second, what the hell is this I saw about her staying for a fucking week? Uggghhhh!!!!

    Third, A WEEK WITH NO FUCKING VIDEOS!!?? REALLY!?!?!? I fucking hope (and Jesse better hope too) that the Doc comes out before this trip, so that way, we have a doc, and BTS to watch. I will be fucking pissed if that doesn't happen.

    Sorry people. Just had to rant there.

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  • Rushwrj13

    Well I just found out that Jesse's girlfriend is staying over at his house for a whole week! One whole week of boring videos where NOTHING happens. You would think that Jesse occasionally reads (or at least knows about) this wikia, and how his girlfriend just isn't funny in the slightest. 

    I go back and watch classics such as Samson's Present, Jumpin' Johnny and The G.A.M.E.-Episode 16: Surprise!  (Part I) as well as Part II. I can easily tell how much more Jesse and his Ex-GF invested their time into those videos versus the videos Jesse and his current girlfriend make. One theory I have is that everybody always knew those classic videos were skits and obviously fake, but knew those boring vlogs with his current-GF were fake.

    Am I done with…

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  • BrianME


    December 22, 2016 by BrianME

    Remember when I said that I won't watch Mcjuggernuggets in a while? While one video made me change my mind: PSYCHO MOM TORCHES CHRISTMAS TREE!

    I skipped through the part where she burns the tree so as far as I can tell, they were trying to get her mom to be in the Christmas spirit, but I guess they kinda went too far and she ended up burning down the tree.

    Now I did putted up the video in the video sections and added the page. Hopefully, tomarrow's vlog is amazing!

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  • DarkUnknownWarrior

    I'm sorry if i'm annoying, but i want to make a vote for this template again. Time expires after 48 hours. 

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  • BrianME

    I'm done with Mcjuggernuggets

    December 19, 2016 by BrianME

    First off, I finally change my avatar to Bill from Violette1st cause why not? And second. I would like to announce that I am considerating to stop watching Mcjuggernuggets.


    Now NO. That doesn't mean I am officially done with Mcjuggernuggets. It's just that latily, his vlogs aren't very good as they used to back when they were trying to expose AGP. And NO I AM NOT LEAVING THE WIKI. I might visit it every once in a while, but for now, I'll come back to watching Mcjuggernuggets daily if something interesting happens.

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