Bridgette West
Full Name: Bridgette Nicole West
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Family: Charles Green Jr. (father-in-law; deceased)

Michael Green (boyfriend) Mia Nicole Green (daughter) Charles Green Jr. (Brother-in-law)

Current Friends:
Current friends:
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Bridgette Nicole West (born August 25, 1993) is Michael's girlfriend. She has her own YouTube channel, BridgetteWest, but she rarely ever uploads videos.

Meeting Michael Green

Bridgette met Michael in 2008, when she was 15, and Michael was 21. She had told Michael she was 19 and he had been with her for a few years when he found out her true age during her birthday.


She appeared in most Angry Grandpa videos and KidBehindACamera vlogs, and she appeared in a couple of Jesse's videos.


Princess video letdown

When the main channel (TheAngryGrandpaShow) reached 200,000 subscribers, she was told by Grandpa to get a white gown, gloves, and tiara, and to go eat with Grandpa at Olive Garden. She refused to do the video. Michael claims that the reason why she didn't do it is because she was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and had to take medications which gained her weight, causing her to feel embarrassed. However, many fans did not buy this reason and continued to reprimand her for not doing the video. Bridgette also made an excuse that she couldn't found an affordable gown to buy and she doesn't want to buy something cheap as she feels the fans would feel cheated if it weren't as humiliating as possible. However, she deleted this update video on her channel, and there are rumors that a fan offered her a princess gown for free but she declined. As of November 2017, she has yet to go through with the video and it's unlikely that she ever will.

2013 Arrest

In 2016, Michael posted in his vlog that Bridgette was arrested for a Domestic Violence Misdemeanor nearly four years prior. A blackmailer named "Broccoli Ron" told Michael to pay him money or else her mugshot would be posted. Michael said he didn't care and decided to make the vlog due to videos going to be made about YouTubers with criminal backgrounds. Michael explains that, back in 2013 while they lived in the apartment, their neighbors hated them and called the cops when Grandpa would come by and be very loud. June 12, 2013, 10 days after Michael's birthday, Michael was making a rap song at 3am to help with depression, and he was getting angrier because he kept messing up. This caused him to scream around the apartment, waking up Bridgette. Bridgette started to freak out and the two began to argue. Michael left the apartment, followed by Bridgette yelling at him about why he woke her up. Suddenly, a knock was heard, which Michael ignored at first thinking it was just the neighbors, but then he heard "North Charleston, open up!". Michael suddenly panicked that it was the police. The police asked Michael if Bridgette was assaulting him, to which Michael replied no. Bridgette was still angry and denied that she never hit Michael, even though Michael was telling her to calm down. Bridgette started to scream "Fuck the cops" and Michael threw a candle at the fridge, but the cop thought Bridgette did it because when their dog Bella was startled, she clawed Michael's neck. The police handcuffed her immediately. Michael tried to convince the cop that it was the dog's nails and not Bridgette's, but the cop didn't believe him. This caused Bridgette to go into a fit of rage while being handcuffed, which convinced the cop that she "did it". Bridgette says she shouldn't have yelled at the cops, but she was pissed at Michael. At 7:50 A.M., Bridgette was doing the walk of shame with the neighbors watching. Two hours later, she was released and the "charges" were dropped due to nothing really happening. Michael strongly didn't want to share the story as he didn't want to make a big story out of something insignificant.

The Infamous Mugshot Of Bridgette West


  • Bridgette West was arrested on June 9th, 2014, for smuggling xanax, and other narcotics in her anus, while attempting to go through customs from Canada to the United States of America.
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