Bridgette, Nicole, West, (Born, Aug, 25th, 1993 ), is Michael's Sweet Girlfriend, & is also a boyfriend of Michael Green, She Rarely Uploads Videos, She Has Her Own Channel, BridgetteWest, But Soon it was halted.

Meeting Michael Green

Bridgette West Has Met Michael Green For A Long Time Ago, it was in unknown years, but she has stayed with Michael for the rest of her life throughout years.


She appears in almost all of the Angry Grandpa videos made from 2010 onward.


Princess video letdown

When the main channel (TheAngryGrandpaShow) reached 200,000 subscribers, she was told by Grandpa to get a white gown, gloves, and tiara, and to go eat with Grandpa at Olive Garden. She refused to do the video. Michael claims that the reason why she didn't do it is because she was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and had to take medications which gained her weight, causing her to feel embarrassed. However, many fans did not buy this reason and continued to reprimand her for not doing the video. Bridgette also made an excuse that she couldn't found an affordable gown to buy and she doesn't want to buy something cheap as she feels the fans would feel cheated if it weren't as humiliating as possible. However, she deleted this update video on her channel, and there are rumors that a fan offered her a princess gown for free but she declined. As of November 2017, she has yet to go through with the video and it's unlikely that she ever will.

Car Crash

Bridgette's Toyota Corolla was damaged

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