Broken Xbox One *UPDATE*
Broken Xbox One UPDATE
Post Date November 13th, 2014
Duration 3:08
Genre Psycho Update
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Video Transcript
"Jesse talks about his destroyed Xbox One. R.I.P. "The Prince""

Broken Xbox One *UPDATE* is a Psycho Update for Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 13th, 2014.


The video starts with Jesse introducing the video to him updating the viewer on what happened and what he is planning to do. He shows the remains of his Xbox One, which he has named "The Prince", revealing all the damage and that it doesn't work. He has found that Microsoft won't repair it and he can't find anywhere that will, so he plans on buying a new one.

Jesse doesn't want to accept money from the viewers, hoping to get some from Theresa or use the money he was saving to repair the car Jeffrey Sr. destroyed, hoping to get it in a week or two.

Jesse talks about how the family situation has been awkward, and that he made a mistake by leaving the blade on the chainsaw and he could've killed his parents if Jeffrey Jr. didn't turn the light on.

The video ends with Jesse saying a final rest in peace to The Prince.



A voice can be heard in the background at 2:33 in that sounds like Jeffrey Sr..


The events of Psycho Dad Wrecks Car were mentioned.

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