Bureaucrats, or simply crats, are users with the most influence on the McJuggerNuggets Wiki. Like administrators and moderators, they are trusted users that help maintain the community as a democratic environment. While they may seem to be no different compared to admins, they are the ones that select what users can become admins.


Current Bureaucrats

(Named in chronological order of date appointed)

Retired Bureaucrats

Important Note

  • Bureaucrats are to be treated with the same respect as admins and mods.
  • Though they have more control of the wiki, bureaucrats are no more different from admins and should not be treated as authoritarians.
  • Bureaucrats are always willing to help out other users and respect what they have to say.


If you have any concern or issues you'd like to address, feel free to contact any of the available bureaucrats above. These issues can include a certain admin or mod is being irresponsible, a general editing problem, etc.

Be sure to contact admins and mods as well, as they too help maintaining the community.