Creator Jesse Ridgway
No. of episodes 1 - Rebirth
2 - Missing Pieces
3 - Memory Jogger
4 - Do Not Enter
5 - Out of Place
6 - Mother's Intuition
7 - Dependent
8 - Uncle Larry
9 - Walk to Remember
10 - You're Not Ready
11 - Second Life
12 - Light at the End
13 - The Matterhorn
14 - ALIVE
15 - Unscrambled
16 - The Return
(16 episodes)
Series type YouTube series
Original run June 9, 2016 - June 24, 2016
"Jesse wakes up in Switzerland with no memory of who he is...being forced to rely on his family and some scrabble letters."
―Playlist Description

C-R-I-S-I-S is a mini-series created by McJuggerNuggets that follow Jesse as he transforms from a character in The Psycho Series, to real life.


A confused Jesse Ridgway wakes up in his underwear in Zermatt, Switzerland and questions his brother Jeffrey Jr., who was filming him.[1] Jesse learned that his family had scattered Scrabble letters for him to find in order to learn who he truly is.[2]

Jesse starts to gain memories inside his head about when he smashed a bottle over Jeffrey Jr.'s head, rendering him unconscious[3] upon contact with a beer bottle. When Jesse is about to apologize however, Jeffrey Jr. claims that it never happened.[4] He enters a room which gives him flashbacks of his attempted suicide,[5] before noticing a strange woman exiting the room.[6] Jesse attempts to form a word with his three Scrabble letters - an OA & a T, but to no avail. After being given an N, Jesse spots the woman he had previously seen, but is ignored when he attempts to make contact with her.[7] When Jesse and the woman talk together, he gains memories about his mother, Theresa[8], and her divorce.[9][10] Jesse is given a C and thinks of some possible words, before thinking that he has bipolar disorder.[11]

With the aid of Jeffrey Jr., Jesse is given memories of his YouTube channel, which had accumulated over 3,000,000 subscribers.[12] However, Jeffrey Jr. denies that he had any involvement in controlling the channel, with his uncle, Larry - who is no longer wearing a neck brace[13] - agreeing.[14] Jesse gains more memories about Larry,[15][16] and when he had crashed his truck into a pool.[17][18] Jesse is given three more letters - a D, O and a G.[19] Larry tells Jesse that the truck crash was only a stunt before giving him a W.[20] Jesse attempts to get help from Jeffrey Jr. and Larry, but are told that he has to figure everything out himself.[21] Larry explains to Jesse that he was playing a character, in an attempt to tell a story.[22][23]

Jesse, Jeffrey Jr., Larry and Theresa board a train to a familiar mountain but is aggravated to find a V, N and an R on one of the seats. A freaked-out Jesse learns that Theresa was indeed playing a character as well and that she wasn't divorced.[24] Upon arriving at the mountain, he gains memories of going there sightseeing after shooting his father.[25][26] Jesse struggles to believe it is fake, despite everyone - including an alive Jeffrey Sr. (his father) - insisting and assuring that the Psycho Series was all an act. Jesse has a mental breakdown before being handed an N, T and an I.[27]

Jesse has trouble unscrambling the 16 letters he has,[28] before remembering that he had bought tickets for VidCon,[29] he unscrambles the letters to a message (AT VIDCON RIGHT NOW). Although he is correct, Jesse begins to have another breakdown after being reassured by Jeffrey Jr. that the Psycho Series is fake before being hit unconscious. It cuts to a shaven Jesse walking into the VidCon 2016 convention.[30]


Image Video Name Upload Date Number in Series Link
Weclome back jess
1 - Rebirth June 9, 2016 1 Link
2 - Missing Pieces June 10, 2016 2 Link
3 - Memory Jogger June 11, 2016 3 Link
4 - Do Not Enter June 12, 2016 4 Link
5 - Out of Place June 13, 2016 5 Link
Mother's Intuition
6 - Mother's Intuition June 14, 2016 6 Link
7 - Dependent June 15, 2016 7 Link
8 - Uncle Larry June 16, 2016 8 Link
Walk to Remember
9 - Walk to Remember June 17, 2016 9 Link
You're not Ready
10 - You're Not Ready June 18, 2016 10 Link
Second Life
11 - Second Life June 19, 2016 11 Link
Light at the End
12 - Light at the End June 20, 2016 12 Link
The Matterhorn
13 - The Matterhorn June 21, 2016 13 Link
14 - ALIVE June 22, 2016 14 Link
15 - Unscrambled June 23, 2016 15 Link
The Return
16 - The Return June 24, 2016 16 Link


  • The name of the series was revealed in HAIRCUT FOR 3 MILLION JUGGIES!, one-two days before the playlist was created.
    • It is also noted that the dashes in "C-R-I-S-I-S" are supposed to represent the way you would spell the word using Scrabble letters.
  • The total runtime of this series is 28 minutes, which would be about as long as the average time of a normal vlog.
  • The entire series was filmed in one day.



1 - Rebirth2 - Missing Pieces3 - Memory Jogger4 - Do Not Enter5 - Out of Place6 - Mother's Intuition7 - Dependent8 - Uncle Larry9 - Walk to Remember10 - You're Not Ready11 - Second Life12 - Light at the End13 - The Matterhorn14 - ALIVE15 - Unscrambled16 - The Return