Post Date November 13, 2015
Duration 11:49
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse, Corn, Mark, and Uncle Larry get together to have a good time in the completed room!"

CONSTRUCTION CREW REUNION is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 13, 2015.


The video begins with Jesse and Corn introducing themselves and then talking about doing a later video on Anki Overdrive, teasing the audience more or less.

As they go outside of Jesse's room to show the box it's in, they run into Larry, who gives them an Ethernet cable for the small room. The three then take the box with the Anki Overdrive, running into Mark, thus reuniting the "construction crew".

Inside the room, Jesse and Larry explain to Mark the room was subject to some damages from Halloween night, but fixable, nonetheless. The three then show Mark the Eagle's Landing poster across the rooms exterior wall, revealing a sprayed on penis that Jeffrey Jr. sprayed on the same night the damages were done.

Mark is then shown the inside, and then the four go onto record ANKI OVERDRIVE -- ROBOT BATTLE RACING! (Sponsored). Before going back to Jesse's room, Larry reveals that he had recently bought a smart phone, but has little to no experience with it, thus causing hilarity among the four.

The four then return back to the small room, ordering food and suggesting Mark takes photographs of the team in and out of the room. The vlog then ends with everyone humorously doing Jesse's usual outro. Before the video truly ends, however, Jesse shows his audience the wall that once had the penis sprayed onto it, revealing that it has now been painted over.

The video then ends off with Jesse calling Jeffrey Jr. an asshole.


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