Post Date January 14, 2016
Duration 29:20
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse confronts his Father while Jeffrey keeps him in check."

CONTROL YOUR ANGER! is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 14, 2016.


The video starts off with Jesse and Corn trying to find the code of the safe, but get interrupted when Jeffrey Jr. comes down and talks to Jesse about the money. Jeffrey Jr. then talks to Jesse about how to engage in a conversation with Jeffrey Sr. about the events that transpired in Psycho Kid Moves Out. Jesse attempts to have a civil conversation with his father, but it predictably devolves into an argument. Jesse makes his case by stating that he's the owner of the channel. Jeffrey Sr. counters that he should have taken Jesse to court for defamation of character, since Jesse used his likeness, without his consent, to give him the moniker of Psycho Dad. Jesse then talks about moving out, but Jeffrey Sr. claims Jesse is too immature to own a house.

To prove his point about Jesse's immaturity, Jeffrey Sr. shows him a frame from the security footage, where Jesse flips off the camera directed at Jeffrey Sr. Jesse then loses his temper and breaks the TV by kicking it, but then tries to shift blame off of himself ("I didn't do that"). Jeffrey Sr. argues with him and makes the claim that the money has bought him two years of rent. Jeffrey Sr. then claims that the real world is brutal, and Jesse could've had his money stolen from him. Jesse counters that he doesn't want to live in whatever world his father lives in.

Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. return to Jesse's bedroom and talk about Jesse's arguing with Jeffrey Sr. and how Jesse lost his cool when he kicked Jeffrey Sr.'s TV. Jeffrey Jr. scolds Jesse for his actions and Jesse asks why he even cares to which Jeffrey Jr. replies that he is looking out for him and becoming the big brother he never was growing up. The two hug it out and the video ends with Jesse giving a shout out to Jeffrey Jr.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jeffrey Sr.'s TV Jesse Ridgway Kicked. Destroyed and replaced.


Most viewers were angry at Jesse and him breaking the TV. However, some viewers believed that Jeffrey Sr. deserved it.


  • When Jesse says "I didn't do it" after he is seen kicking Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.'s televison, its a slight similarity to Angry Grandpa's more recent meltdowns how he "Didn't do Anything", but in this instance Jesse didn't blame anyone else (possibly because there was no one to blame).
  • CONTROL YOUR ANGER! is the second video where Jesse breaks a TV belonging to Jeffrey Sr., the first being Psycho Kid Smashes TV, and the third being RUNNING AWAY!.
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