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Chris Ridgway
Full Name: Christopher Ridgway
Alias Uncle Chris
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Occupation: Farm Manager
Status: Alive (Character)

Deceased (Real-life counterpart)

Family: Ted Ridgway (Father)
Sally Ridgway (Mother)
Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. (Brother)
Jesse Ridgway (Nephew)
Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. (Nephew)
Theresa Ridgway (Sister-in-law)
Larry Abraham (Brother-in-law)
Jackie Abraham-Mixner (Sister-in-law)

(Unnamed wife) (Unnamed Kids)

Current Friends:
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
First appearance: MEET PSYCHO DAD'S BROTHER!
Last appearance: Psycho Family Reunion

"Get out... get out, please. I stuck up for you because I thought it was the right thing to do. I want to clear my name, I can go bed and sleep at night. [...] Just get the fuck out, alright? This is escalating, and I don't want it like the way it's going... that's why I came over here, get out please. I love you, man. You're my nephew, you're my blood."
―Chris' plea to Jesse in O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?

Theodore Christopher "Chris" Ridgway (August 3, 1959 - February 6, 2021), better known as Uncle Chris, is Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.'s older brother and Jesse and Jeffrey Jr.'s paternal uncle. Chris is the manager of McCann's Farm, and he loves and values his position. Like his brother Jeff Sr., Chris is an individual who appreciates a good work ethic and respects those who get out and go above and beyond at the work place. He initially served as the Psycho Series' FARMING SERIES' main antagonist. Chris Ridgway's character gets written out of the series shortly after Jesse quits the farm, and he is alive through the end of the series. Chris' real-life counterpart passed away from COVID-19 on February 6, 2021.


Early Life

Chris came across McCann's Farm at some point in his life and was hired as a farmer. He was seen in various videos on his nephew Jesse's YouTube channel McJuggerNuggets (e,g. Jesse Reaches 100,000 Gamerscore). He and his wife were married in 1979 and they have several unnamed children. Jesse states that they are older than he is.

The Psycho Series

Chris was brought in by his brother Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. as a last resort to help Jesse find a job, after the latter promised to do so after a week and then failed to follow through.[1] Chris is a hardworking individual, like his brother Jeff. Chris values working in general, but he especially loves his job at McCann's Farm. It is stated that he gets the bulk of the work done around the place.


Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.

Jeffrey Sr. and Chris have what looks more like a business relationship than a sibling relationship. Both seem to apparently "owe each other," and we don't see the brothers having any interaction at all until Jeff Sr. brings Chris in for a forced favor. At the beginning of the Farming Series, Jeff Sr. states that Chris owes him, which Chris affirms, saying that what he owes Jeff Sr. for is not Jesse's business. Thus, Jeff Sr. makes Chris take Jesse to work at the farm as "payment" for Chris owing him. Chris then says that Jeff Sr. will owe him in turn if he brings Jesse in, which he is reluctant to do, as he fears that Jesse will ruin his relationship with Anita's family and his working environment. In addition, Jeff Sr. and Chris both share similar traits.

Regardless of the odd tension between them, the two brothers join forces and agree that Jesse's current state is a mess and that he needs a job. They believe that Jesse needs to learn what the real world is like; according to them he has been coddled far too much by his mother and Uncle Larry. Both are put out by Jesse's laziness and work as a team to push Jesse to work hard and shape up, and both use tough methods to do so.

In BYE BYE BIGBRUDDA!, Jeffrey Jr. reveals that Chris and Jeffrey Sr. used to fight all the time, similar to how Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. did.

The brothers' relationship degrades significantly in O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?, when Chris comes to the Ridgway Residence and is upset with Jeff Sr. Prior to the events of this episode, we know that Jeff Sr. had told Jesse that Chris called and "tattled" on Jesse for quitting the farm, when in reality Jeff Sr. had called Chris, and found out about Jesse quitting afterwards because Chris said he was not going to lie for Jesse. This causes a heated argument between them, Chris being angry for being thrown under the bus, and Jeff Sr. saying it didn't matter and that he would have found out Jesse quit either way. They also argue about Jesse and his job and about Jeff Sr's actions in general. The argument ends with Jeff Sr. ordering Chris off the property. We can assume that Jeff Sr. and Chris have a much more tense relationship after this argument, even though Chris is not seen again in the Psycho Series.

In The Graphic Novel Chris helped Jesse by telling Jeff to let Jesse do what he wants to do. Indicating he was still on Jesses Side about Youtube and Gaming.

Jesse Ridgway

Chris and Jesse initially have a very poor relationship, although it improves slowly over the course of the Farming Series. According to Jesse, he and Chris would never get along, which would be shown later on as the two tend to share insults and bicker. Jesse tends to provoke, insult and taunt his uncle, while Chris is shown to be both verbally and physically abusive to Jesse at times, even putting him in a chokehold and pushing him around. Chris thinks Jesse will amount to nothing, even saying "Where'd the gene go wrong with you?" after commenting on how Jesse doesn't have a job, while his brother and Chris' own kids do. He also calls Jesse "Yum-Yum," which he claims is a replacement for worse derogatory language because he knows Anita doesn't like that. Meanwhile, Jesse often insults his uncle behind his back. Jesse's laziness in general and on the job is a major source of conflict between them. Chris constantly runs his mouth and berates Jesse on the farm while they work together, but he also comes across as having good intentions and feeling sorry for his nephew's state, and through this tries to give him good advice and teaches him the value of hard work. Jesse, on the other hand, doesn't want to work, puts in very little effort most of the time, and constantly provokes Chris.

Chris' biggest fear is that Jesse will jeopardize his working environment, and his friendship with Anita and Nancy and their families. Throughout the Farming Series, Chris constantly reminds Jesse of this and accuses him of manipulating the situation. Chris gets so concerned about Jesse ruining his working environment and relationships that he even goes so far as to make threats against Jesse's life in TAKING CARE OF PIGS!, which is probably the lowest point in their relationship.

Neither Chris nor Jesse look forward to working together at the start, but in the end, they are willing to see how it will work out. Neither has much say in the matter, since Jesse is being forced into the farm job by Jeff Sr., and Chris owes Jeff Sr. and therefore is also forced to work with Jesse. Initially Jesse dreads going to the farm and constantly fights with Chris. Yet, through incidents on the farm, Chris grows more proud of Jesse's progress and they slowly get along better. After Jesse quits the farm to focus on YouTube, their relationship has improved to the point where Jesse tells Jeff Sr., "He [Chris] was a good boss!" Likewise, after Jesse quits, Chris says that he "was kind of digging it" coming to work and knowing that Jesse would be there.

Chris is not a fan of Jesse's gaming and vlogging, and he wants him to get a real job. Chris initially seems to not know what YouTube is, and thus does not see it as a real job. However, when Jesse proves to him that he can make money and pay for Warrior's damaged truck, Chris becomes more accepting of the concept of YouTube, but still shows disdain for the camera always being on. He ends up supporting Jesse's YouTube career, saying "I guess you got a job, bud!" and that he should go for it if it makes money, and he also makes it clear that Jesse doesn't work well enough at the farm to amount to anything there anyway, and should leave before he does more damage there.

There are a few times where he is shown as a good uncle and cares about Jesse, willing to tour him around a market and provide him with food at a barbecue in THE COWTOWN RODEO!. He seems to be more reasonable than his brother Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. concerning YouTube.

The biggest positive impact in their relationship was in HELL TO PAY!, where Chris was furious when he found out that Jesse had quit his job at the farm. Chris was ready to attack to him, until Jesse tried to reason him in a talk. Afterwards, the two began to show their family love for each other, with the two hugging and thanking each other. Chris even revealed that he got Warrior to tone down the price of his truck, in order for Jesse to use the remaining money for something good in the future. He even encouraged him to get out of Jeffrey Sr's house as soon as he can.

In O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?, Chris is shown standing up for Jesse when arguing with Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. When Jesse thanked Chris for standing up to him, and said that nobody stood up to his dad, Chris said that "somebody's got to", thus showing that Chris has a heart. It's also revealed that Chris did not go all out and tell Jeffrey Sr. that Jesse quit his job.

Zachary Cornatzer

Chris and Corn share a poor relationship despite not knowing each other all that well.

Chris often insults Corn with crude jokes such as referring to him as a "jackass," "Cornhole," "Jesse's gay buddy," and "Cobjob." When Jesse wants Corn to work with him at the farm, Chris seemed to be quite reluctant about it, thinking that Corn will only distract Jesse and that they will end up goofing off instead of getting work done. Meanwhile, Corn simply views Chris as an "asshole" and does verbally provoke Chris on a number of occasions.

It is shown in NO CAMERAS ALLOWED! that Chris has no issue with pushing Corn around when bringing him and Jesse to Anita, when he discovered that they still had the camera with them. In RAGE QUITTER! *PSYCHO UPDATE*, Chris shows that he does care somewhat about Corn and says he hopes that he will find a better job instead of being dragged down by Jesse. He expresses concern that Corn is throwing his life away by hanging out with Jesse instead of getting a decent job where he can use his criminal justice degree. Chris states several times that Corn is the better worker of the two. Yet, he treats Corn badly to get him to leave the farm; the two get into a heated argument after Chris throws goat feces at Corn, causing the latter to quit the job and appear very angered afterward, which is very unlike Corn. In DON'T BE A CHICKEN!, Chris was surprised to see Corn at the farm again with the camera, until Jesse and Anita explained that he was only here for filming. Regardless, Chris and Corn were still mad at each other about the day before, and were reluctant on apologizing to each other at first, but they eventually did so when Anita acted as mediator. Despite this, however, they continue to pick on each other. Even though Chris has decent intentions for Corn's future, he often goes about giving him advice the wrong way.

Anita and Nancy

Chris shares a good working relationship with Anita and Nancy. They all have hardworking values and are very effective at getting work done around the farm. Chris respects their family values and tries to behave well when they are around, even when Jesse antagonizes him. Chris makes it clear that his relationship with them and their families is one of the most important things to him, and he loves and values his job at McCann's Farm. Anita and Chris do have a falling out, however, in DON'T BE A CHICKEN!, when Anita gets angry at Chris and Jesse both for their constant bickering, and she even orders Chris to go home. However, in TAKING CARE OF PIGS!, Chris apologizes to Anita and their relationship seems to be restored to normal. Chris shows Anita he values her friendship; he states it to her many times and he even brings her flowers in DINNER AT THE FARM!.

Anita and Chris disagree on the way Jesse is treated on the farm, however. Chris takes the tough method to push Jesse to work hard, while Anita goes very easy on him to the point where he takes advantage of this and doesn't get much done and she is still okay with it. Chris and Anita often go head to head over this issue. Chris expresses anger at Jesse for being lazy and manipulating Anita and the job environment in general, while Anita doesn't see him as being manipulative. She recognizes that he has problems, but she cares about him and genuinely desires to be kind and help him talk his issues out. Chris says that the hard hand is the only good way he knows to teach Jesse hard work. Through events in the Farming Series, it is clear that he does really care about his nephew despite his tough exterior.

As for Anita and Nancy's husbands, Chris seems to have a decent relationship with Nancy's husband Mike, but Anita's husband Steve and Chris have a tense, standoffish relationship, with each disliking the other. We don't learn why this is, as Chris is reluctant to disclose the details. Steve says that if it was up to him, Chris would not be working on the farm, but Chris reminds the audience that it's not up to Steve. Anita makes it clear that this standoffishness annoys her, and she'd rather everyone get their work done rather than bicker needlessly.

Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.

Chris gets along very well with Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Since Jeffrey is independent, hardworking, self-reliant, and successful Chris has respect for him.

Larry Abraham

We don't ever see Larry or Chris interact in the series. However, we can guess that there is tension between them, despite the fact that both spend a lot of time outdoors and work hard. Chris refers to Larry as a "jellyfish" who "ain't got no spine." He and Jeff Sr. both disapprove of the way Larry coddles Jesse, saying that Jesse won't learn anything in that environment and will manipulate everything. Larry, on the other hand, says that it is "total bullshit" that Jeff Sr. forced Jesse to quit his job at the canvas shop on the grounds that it was family work, and then sets Jesse up with Chris, who is also family.

Things He Damaged

Victim Video Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jesse Ridgway NO CAMERAS ALLOWED! Dirt and corn thrown at him and pushed against the wall. Unharmed.
TAKING CARE OF PIGS! Aggressively getting into his personal space and touching him before making Jesse fall into the pond Drenched.
LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON! Kicking him in the butt Angered and halted mowing the grass
HELL TO PAY! Tossed a cylindrical object at the direction of Jesse and Corn Unharmed, dodged
Zachary "Corn" Cornatzer RAGE QUITTER! *PSYCHO UPDATE* Gathered goat feces and tossed it at Corn. Angered; quit job.


  • Despite being described as a nice person by Anita, Chris has shown that he is willing to inflict physical violence on others. Including making threats to harm Jesse's life.
  • Though he made his first appearance in MEET PSYCHO DAD'S BROTHER! Chris was mentioned as one of the few people that nominated Jesse to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in The Real ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He was also in a 2010 video by Jesse called "There Goes the Pride".
  • Chris has a good relationship with Anita and Nancy and their families; he makes it clear that this relationship is extremely important to him. We know that Chris also loves his job at the farm.
  • Chris has only been stood up to by Zachary Cornatzer.
  • Like in Jeffrey Jr.'s case, Chris and Jesse started off by antagonizing each other constantly, but later they came to a mutual understanding and their relationship became more of an alliance.
  • In WHAT DOES "YUM-YUM" MEAN? QnA 24 It was revealed that Chris was 5 years older than Jeffrey Ridgway Sr., but in real life, Chris was actually three years older than Jeff Sr.
  • He is considered a fan favorite among the Juggies.
  • On February 6, 2021, Jesse announced that Chris' real life counterpart passed away after contracting COVID-19.
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