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Clone #1
Full Name: Clone #1
Alias Clone
Occupation: Jesse's Personal Assassin
Status: Deceased
Family: Mr. Ridgway and Jesse Ridgway (creators)
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
  • Clone #2
First appearance: Curiousity Killed the Clone
Last appearance: Rule 19: Episode 3- Who I Am...

"Your Personal Assassin is ready for orders, Mr. Ridgway."
―Clone #1
"At Mr. Ridgway's cloning facility, escaping is not tolerated."
―Clone #1 when a clone attempts to escape

Clone #1, also known as Killer and Assassin, is the main protagonist of Rule 19 and first clone of Jesse Ridgway. He is portrayed by Jesse Ridgway.



Clone #1 is a very no nonsense guy. He spends most of the series trying to figure out how he stands out and what makes him different. He suffers from Clone's disease, which turns him into a very menacing and overall rude person threatening people and sometimes even taking action on those threats. As people watch the last episode of Rule 19 you can truly see that he hates being a clone because their is no way that he can possibly stand out. Clone #1's journey throughout the series to discover who he is was later determined by himself in the last episode when he stated that he was a killer. This is based off of his body count and that he was Ridgway's personal assassin and this is what stands him out from the rest.


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