Post Date April 22, 2016
Duration 27:11
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse returns home from work, only to be blocked by a giant black gate."

DARK RIDGE PENITENTIARY! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 22, 2016.


Jesse and Corn head off to Jesse's home. As they get there, they noticed a gate at the front entrance which neither of them were familiar with. Jesse called Jeffrey Sr. to ask about the gate and to unlock it. His father didn't tell him the reason why it was there, but he told him that he will unlock it. Once he unlocked the gate, his father told him that the gate was created, because many people were randomly coming to his house, uninvited (referencing the Juggies visiting to see Jesse). His father then unlocked the gate and Jesse went through. His father locked up the gate, but Jesse said that he had to take Corn home. His father then tells him that if he wants to do so, he will have to unlock the gate himself.

Jesse & Corn head off into Jesse's room, and Jesse begins to talk about what he thinks about the gate. Jesse & Corn then leave the house and went to Morton Building. They see Jeffrey Jr. and ask if he knew anything about the gate and what he thought of it. Jeffrey Jr. was unaware of the gate, but he did think it was awesome. Jesse & Corn went to Jesse's Morton Building room and played video games. As they continue to play, Jeffrey Sr. entered into Jesse's Morton Building room and talked to him about how he disliked his behavior towards him about the gate. At the end of their argument, Jeffrey Sr. gave him the keys of the gate, then turned off the lights (which accidentally shuts off Jesse's game). Jesse discusses about how he has this feeling of guilt, every time he picks up a console and plays, noting that his father's voice rings in his head, telling him that he shouldn't be playing video games.

The video ends with Jesse talking to Damien, the face in the room's wall.



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