Post Date June 1, 2016
Duration 28:59
Genre Vlog
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I'm a psychopath.
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Video Transcript
"Damien gives into his temptations leading Jesse to freak out."

DEMMA'S DEMISE! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on June 1, 2016.


The vlog begins with Jesse being in his current filming area. He tries to recreate the puppet show that Jesse had mentioned to Corn in previous vlogs but is delayed when Demma (or more importantly Damien) begins to talk to Jesse and say that Jesse should feel bad because of all the turmoil he has caused by doing YouTube. Demma then came up a plan for Jesse to break free with the money. Jesse angrily denies this and freaks out causing a tantrum that causes him to destroy Demma. He then splits apart the head and begins to threaten to destroy Damien's head with Jesse (posing as Damien) saying that if he destroys him, he will become just like Jeffrey Sr. Jesse denies that he will be like him and he destroys Damien. After Jesse calms down, he says that he can't do vlogs like this anymore and ends the video. However, Damien manage to “merge” with Jesse which cause him to go with the escape plan later on.



Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Demma Jesse Ridgway Smashed Demma against the wall, breaking it into pieces as well as separating Damien and Emma from each other. Destroyed; No longer one entity.
Emma Smashed Emma against iron bar in room. Slightly damaged.
Damien Smashed Damien against the wall as well as ripping him to pieces. Destroyed; in many pieces.


The video has received 47,000 dislikes over 23,000 likes.


  • It's possible that Jesse might have had a psychological meltdown since he was talking to Damien and Emma as if they were actual people and that Damien lived on in his "mind".
  • Jesse said at the end of the video that he is not going to do vlogs "like this" anymore making viewers think that he is going to end his Youtube channel.
    • This is further proved by Jesse ending his series such as The Juggies Powwow, #MMM, Fan Mail Monday, and just recently his QnA series.
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