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Post Date April 3, 2015
Duration 16:11
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Video Transcript
"Jesse and Juliette venture off to find lighting for the tent, only to find something much, much better."

DISCOVERING ELECTRICITY! is a vlog and the fourth episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES) uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 3, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse's girlfriend giggling as she films him peeing before he turns and sees her.

Jesse comments on his girlfriend not leaving her boots outside before mentioning how they bought some snacks last night. Jesse's girlfriend said they played Never Have I Ever, which Jesse said he learned a lot about his girlfriend. They said they wanted to film a video for Jesse's girlfriends' channel, but couldn't due to it getting too dark and the moonlight isn't enough. She then mentioned about the ghost story Jesse told her about the mailman. Jesse said that he wanted to pimp out Eagle's Landing and find a way to have more light. Jesse's girlfriend made a pose and made an eagle cry, which Jesse decided was the official symbol.

The video cuts to Jesse and his girlfriend walking to the neighbors' house, playing Never Have I Ever again. They arrive at Mr. H's house, where they see him with his car. Jesse tells him that he's filming, which he is fine with. Mr. H asks how he is, to which Jesse explains his situation and asks if he had any lighting equipment he could borrow. Mr. H says he is willing to help in any way he can and offers to have a look to see what he has. Mr. H says how his house is close enough that he can hear screaming and saw smoke once.

Mr. H checks his shed, offering Jesse some flashlights, extension cords and even a generator, which Jesse is overjoyed about, happily accepting the offer. Jesse and Mr. H take it out of the shed, where Jesse's girlfriend is concerned about the generator's safety with Jeffrey Sr.. Mr. H says that so long as he keeps it safe, Jesse is welcome to use it. Mr. H offers an extension cord, which Jesse takes with the generator. Before leaving, Jesse asks to use Mr. H's bathroom.

The video cuts Jesse starts wheeling the generator, becoming tired. His girlfriend jokes about how it would be easier if he lifted. She then takes over. At Eagle's Landing, the two have brought the generator and extension cord to the tent, Jesse's girlfriend being exhausted. Jesse tries to turn on the generator, but is unable to, hurting his hands in the process.