Post Date November 15, 2015
Duration 22:55
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse and Uncle Larry try to rig a couple hundred feet of Ethernet to the room in the Morton Building and also gather up some bday presents!"

DRILLING HOLES! is a vlog uploaded by McJuggerNuggets on November 15, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse Ridgway and Larry Abraham explaining to the camera that they are going to drill a hole in the wall for the Ethernet cable for internet in Jesse's new room. Jesse briefly tells Larry about his argument with Zachary Cornatzer. The two then go down to the basement to examine the wires.

After talking about it for some time, they head back up and outside, where Larry explains to Jesse about the harm of tampering with wires. The two then decide to drill a hole outside of Jesse's room to run the Ethernet cable to Jesse's room in the Morton building.

At this exact moment, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. approaches Jesse and Larry, and scolds them. He tells them that he does not want Larry drilling more holes in his wall, and tells Jesse to ask for permission.

Theresa Ridgway yells at Jeffrey Sr. that it is okay for Jesse to have internet, however, Jeffrey Sr. does not change his mind. They get in their car and drive off to the casino for Jeffrey Sr.'s birthday. Jesse and Larry head back towards the back slider, and Jesse tells Larry how bad his parents' relationship is progressively getting. Jesse and Larry then proceed to hang a "2 million subscribers" poster in the room. The two then proceed to gather tools to give Jeffrey Sr. for his birthday. After this, they take some left-over spackle to cover the hole that Larry drilled in earlier.

The video ends with Jesse explaining to Larry that Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.'s "prank" could possibly be just a scare tactic.

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