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Full Name: Demma
Alias Damien
Age: 31 Days
Gender: Male
Status: Destroyed
Current Friends:
Current friends:
  • Other Emma Heads
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
First appearance: HONEYMOON PHASE!
Last appearance: DEMMA'S DEMISE!
Mentioned in: the devil outside.
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"Your poor father... to have to deal... with a failure of a son, like you. You deserve every bit of being locked, in this room! You've destroyed EVERYONE AROUND YOU... AND YOU WILL DESTROY ME, AND YOURSELF! AND ABOVE ALL, YOU SHOW IT TO THREE MILLION PEOPLE, ON THE INTERNET, AND YOU'LL RUIN THEM TOO!"
―Jesse (as Demma) during his psychotic breakdown in DEMMA'S DEMISE!

Demma (May 2, 2016 - June 1, 2016) was a non-sentient being created by Jesse Ridgway using parts of Damien and Emma and the former "protector" of the Wingless Eagle, and the quaternary antagonist of the Psycho Series. This strange foam and wall creation was the result of Jesse's ever-decaying mental state.


The Psycho Series

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Just before Jesse's room in the Morton Building was destroyed, Damien and Emma were "married" and were spiritually connected to one another, in Jesse's mind.[1] When the room did get destroyed, Jesse carved Damien out of the wall and took it with him to Larry's and eventually the Wingless Eagle.[2]

Demma's first proper appearance was in HONEYMOON PHASE!, however at this point, it was only just being manufactured by Jesse, as Damien's head was duct taped to Emma's head, but without a body. During the stay at Wingless Eagle, Demma was injured in THE DEVIL'S WOODS!, when Melissa Stahlberger damaged it with a frying pan, causing the arms to be severed and its torso was split in half, which Jesse later fixed.[3]

After Jeff Sr. destroyed Larry's RV, Jesse took Demma with him and went back to the Ridgway Residence.


"I do not fear you. I do not feel pain. I am not real. I live inside your--"
―Demma and Jesse Ridgway

Jesse, angered that Demma will possibly "destroy" him and drive him to the edge of insanity, batted Demma to the wall multiple times and split both Damien and Emma away from the damaged Styrofoam body, effectively destroying it.[4]


Although it is an inanimate object voiced by Jesse Ridgway, it has it's own "way of thinking" to an extent, Demma displays an unusually deep and booming voice, which can be interpreted as frightening to some, but smart, wise and powerful to Jesse. Demma can also have a dark sense of humor, he is somehow sexually frustrated, finding other Emma heads attractive, he also enjoys butternut squash baby food.[5] In his final moments he truly turns against Jesse, stating that he is in control, in his mind, getting in his head, stating he knows what he will eventually do. Jesse is Demma, but Demma is his own being, to an extent.


  • Demma bears some similarities to Wilson the Volleyball from the 2000 survival epic Cast Away. They are both inanimate objects that have been personified and serve as the only friend (in Jesse Ridgway's POV, there is an exception) in their time stranded.
  • Despite being supposed to somehow join Emma and Damien, Demma almost always "spoke" (through Jesse) in Damien's voice and persona. In the few occasions when the Emma side of Demma let herself be heard, she "spoke" in a stereotypical Southern US accent; Jesse himself seemed amused by this facet of Demma's personality he had just playfully improvised. More in general Jesse's supposed relation with Emma was lighthearted if not tongue-in-cheek; his "dialogs" with Demma by contrast showed darker obsessive overtones, which made most present people uneasy.
  • Demma has lived a total of 31 days.


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