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Full Name: Everyone’s Virtual Escape
Alias VR Helmet
Occupation: Virtual Reality Game
Status: Destroyed
Family: Joseph Kalder (ruler)

Abraham (creator)

First appearance: paralyzed.
Last appearance: break free.
Mentioned in: Psycho Kid vs. Psycho Dad
stealing isaac kalder's puppy...

Everyone’s Virtual Escape, commonly abbreviated as E.V.E., is a V.R. helmet in the series My Virtual Escape that takes players into its world of virtual reality. There are multiple V.R. helmets that are used by players to get into the game.


E.V.E. was created by Abraham and was funded by Joseph Kalder as an escape for people who were dealing with stress in the real world. The headset mimics reality so much that actions in the game may cause effects in real life. The helmets were given to selected individuals. The original idea of E.V.E. sparked up many decades ago when Abraham was thinking what the “next step in the evolution of gaming“ was; the planning, coding and funding went on for many years and it was released shortly after the death of Isaac’s sister, Eve (whom the game was named after). Joseph then kicked Abraham out of the company because of his irresponsibility which led to Eve’s death. Joseph has owned the game ever since.

Game Rules

  • Every player must survive and thrive in the world of E.V.E., all the while killing other players to be the last player in the game.
  • Throughout the game, players must also level up to max by searching, obtaining, and consuming XP.
  • The last two players that survive in the game world will be transported to Haven for a one-on-one duel to the death. The player that survives wins the game and will be allowed to wish for anything he/she wants to be granted by The Overlord.
  • If a player is killed in the game, the chances of the same happening to the person in real life are almost highly possible, but they are unpredictable.


The game features power-ups, items, relics, and cheat codes throughout the series.

  • XP is a power-up that is crucial to players' journeys throughout the game.
  • The game contains specific cheat codes that can summons prizes that are suitable for players. In the episode haven., Isaac performs a cheat code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, which summons an easter egg that contains a gold bullet inside as a prize.


  • The name of the game, E.V.E, is taken from the biblical name "Eve." This is the same case with the M.V.E. character A.D.A.M, whose name is also taken from the biblical name "Adam." Both his name and the game's name are abbreviated; hence, the biblical reference to "Adam and Eve."