Post Date January 18, 2019
Duration 28:32
Genre The Devil Inside Series Psycho Vlog
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"During the final hours, Michael and I meet the end of the line..."

EVICTION DAY! is a vlog uploaded on the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 18, 2019.


THE GREAT EVICTION — After failing to convince their dad to give him more time, The Devil and Jeffrey Jr. both get evicted when Psycho Dad finds Miguel and his friends having a party in the pool shed.



  • This video was acclaimed by fans due to its intense series of events - The Devil fails to negotiate with Jeffrey Ridgway Sr., Jeff finds out Miguel has been living in his pool shed, Jeff banning Jeffrey Jr., The Devil, Swift, Dom and Corn from the Ridgway Residence as well as Zachary Cornatzer returning to it after 2 years.
  • This is the second Psycho Episode to not have the word: "Psycho" on the title, the first one being, boogie2988 flees country.
  • This video has a man named Tippy quoting what fans call: "A New MJN Meme" And that quote was, "Daddy chill."
  • The video was also nicknamed "Most Ambitious Crossover After Infinity War" as there were a lot of YouTubers there.


Victim Destructor Method of Dismiss Victim's Final Result
Miguel Mendez, Nick and Jason Davis, Javi, Tiffany Jade and Project2Bros Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. All of them kicked out of the Poolhouse and the Ridgway Residence Left, upset
Zachary Cornatzer Banned him out of Ridgway Residence Left, banned from Ridgway Residence, upset, became Jeff Sr.'s enemy once again
The Devil Kicked out of the house Left, banned from Ridgway Residence, upset
Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Kicked out of the house by Jeff Sr. after he learned he had quit his job Left, banned from Ridgway Residence, upset
Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Michael Green Caused Michael to leave Ridgway Residence Left
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