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Ella's Jealous
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Post Date March 3, 2010
Duration 8:34
Genre Classic/Skit
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The G.A.M.E.- Episode 1: T.O.M. (Part I)
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Video Transcript
"(SORRY FOR POOP VIDEO QUALITY-HAD SOME TECH ISSUES) With the new arrival of John Locke, Ella grows envious."

Ella's Jealous is a skit, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on March 3, 2010.


This video starts with Jesse convincing Mark that he has a surprise for him. Mark tells him he already saw his penis and tells him that it isn't a shock and all. Jesse denies it's going to be his penis and states that it's much smaller than that, which Mark tells him that he doesn't know anything smaller than two inches. Mark then asks Jesse if he's going to give him 5 bucks only for Jesse to respond he wouldn't do so unless the only way that he's going to get five dollars is if Jesse died and if Mark picked it up from his corpse.

They both leave the living room and go to the kitchen. Jesse surprises Mark with Pat holding a puppy named John Locke (Which is Poopyjohn). Mark plays with John for some time until he asks Jesse if he had another dog named Ella.

Jesse forgets that he has Ella and leaves her in the gutter which makes her feel left out and jealous. Ella goes into Jesse's room and plays with a hotdog toy by herself, feeling very lonely, until John comes in to cheer her up and play with her. Jesse, Mark, and Pat then go outside to play lots of fun and games with John, meanwhile, Ella looks at the window alone. In the dining room, back inside the house, Jesse gives John some of Ella's toys only to push her away from John when she got close to him and her toys. In the living room, Pat is enjoying a snack with John, but when Ella comes for the snacks, Pat backed her away from John and himself. At a family dinner, Jesse is cuddling and holding John and enjoying the time with his brother and father, meanwhile, Ella is still jealous. Jesse then looks at Ella in the cage and brushes her off as if she was just another unimportant dog. In Jesse's bedroom, he hangs out with John and excludes Ella out with his foot.

After all those situations happened, Ella's anger started fueling up and shoves John with her paw. The next day, she goes to the kitchen to get a bottle of poison and pours it on an empty bowl with the intentions of poisoning John. John becomes thirsty, so he comes to the kitchen to drink some water but he ends up drinking poison and dies. Jesse comes back to his house to play and hang out with John, only for him to find out that he died from poison. He then heads out from the back door when Mark shows up with Ella beside him to put a gun to her head and states that she has a jealousy problem. Ella gets emotional flashbacks about the times she had fun together with her family and friends and barks in a high pitch about a gun pointed at her.

Jesse pulls the trigger and the gun, however, wasn't working and firing any shots. He then wonders why the gun isn't working and calls Pat on the phone about it only for Pat to quickly show up to Jesse, carrying John in his arms. Jesse asks Pat why the gun wasn't working only for Pat to inform him that Jesse didn't learn how to do gunshots in Final Cut yet. He then asks Pat why he's holding John's corpse just for him to tell him that he's still alive and well and he's just taking a nap. He asks why there was an empty poison bottle which led to Pat stating that he wasn't poisoned at all.

Jesse starts wondering who was poisoned by Ella only to realize that he got poisoned by her, so he drops the gun, collapses, and dies. A flashback occurred when Jesse taught John how to drink water from the bowl. He drank the poison just as a demonstration for John to learn. Mark takes the 5 dollars from Jesse's corpse, which Jesse said at the beginning before he surprised him with John and walks away with Pat and Ella.




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