Status: Initial head: burnt by Jesse Ridgway[1]
Second head: fused together to create Demma
Located at: Theresa's House
Owner(s): Jackie Abraham
"Just keep doing what you're doing Jesse... You are a good influence on them... "
―Jesse (as Emma) in DEMMA'S DEMISE!

Styrofoam Head, dubbed "Emma" was a recurring inanimate object that appeared in the Psycho Series at Aunt Jackie's spare house during the HAUNTED SERIES story line, in which Jesse, along with Larry and Corn were constructing in order for Jesse to move out of the Ridgway Residence and into the spare house.


The Psycho Series

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Emma is first seen on top of the dresser located inside of a bedroom in ASSESSING THE DAMAGES!. Jesse continues to notice that Emma has changed positions more and more frequently throughout the videos, even going as far as dangling from a noose on the ceiling.

Jesse finally has enough of the head, and throws it out the front door of the property, landing in the corner near a fence. Later in that same video, Joe trips over Emma, which changed positions from the corner to the steps.

Emma was thought to be burned by Jesse in BURNING AT THE STAKE!, with the motives being that the head was possessing Jesse and causing many strange things to occur at the house. Near the end of the video Jesse confesses that he was never possessed and that he just acted that way to scare Larry and Corn.

It was later revealed in BACK FROM THE DEAD! that Emma somehow ended up in Joe's car, creating the possibility of there being two Emma's. It is revealed in MYSTERY SOLVED! that Joe was so drunk he accidentally took home one of the Emma heads and was attempting to pull a prank later on by bringing it back. It is also revealed that Larry hung Emma up to the ceiling with a noose, to which Larry claims is the only thing he has performed as a prank.

Afterwords, in FAN MAIL MONDAY #61 - ARMY OF EMMA'S!, a Juggie sent Jesse replicas of Emma without the chunk missing in her neck. He used them in HAUNTED FLYING EMMA PRANK!? to prank Buzz. Scared, Buzz smashes Jesse's bedroom window to get out.


  • Emma was named by Larry.
  • Emma is a common wig head stand made of polystyrene that can be acquired from any arts and crafts store.
  • Both Emma's have a significant broken segment at the neck area. While they're at the same location, it's likely that the segments are broken in a unique way that a trained eye can tell the two Emmas apart.
  • It could be possible that Emma is Isaac's mother due to the fact that Damien and Emma got married on livestream before Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room and the fact that Damien created Isaac as his son. However, when Isaac was created at the later series after Damien and Emma got separated during DEMMA'S DEMISE!, it is very unlikely that Emma is Isaac's mother.


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