Eve Kalder
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Full Name: Eve Kalder
Alias Isaac's little sister
Age: Unknown
Gender: female
Status: Alive

Deceased (In E.V.E.)

Family: Joseph Kalder (father)

Isaac Kalder (older brother or half brother)
Mary Kalder (mother)
Martha Esther (great aunt)

First appearance: apparition.
Last appearance: break free.
Mentioned in: My Virtual Escape

Eve Kalder is a minor but important character from the My Virtual Escape Series. She was Joseph's & Mary Kalder's daughter and Isaac's younger sister. She tragically died at a young age. Her death is a major cause of Isaac's depression and his father's alcoholism and hostile behavior. Joseph then blamed Abraham for her death and kicked him out of the company. The game itself was named after her by Joseph as a reminder of her memory. She is portrayed by Molly Sherman.


Eve's first appearance in the M.V.E. Series is when she appears to Mary II as a figment when she enters E.V.E. She begs Mary to not die, saying she will be her mother soon. Mary cries seeing her future daughter and takes off the helmet, distraught.

"little gangbanger."

Eve is shown with Isaac in certain flashbacks when the two spent time and played together before she passed away. Isaac says that his wish is to have her back.

"a tangled web."

In a wave of flashbacks, when Isaac and Abraham are about to duel each other, Eve is shown as a baby and how she tragically died as toddler. It is revealed that Abraham was responsible for her death as he didn't look after her under Joseph's request when she accidentally fell from the window of his room when he wasn’t looking. The reason he wasn’t keeping an eye on her is because he was too busy finishing the game, angering Isaac.

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