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Everything you never wanted to know about isaac.
Post Date June 15, 2017
Duration 20:20
Genre The Devil Inside Series QNA
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Video Transcript
"Isaac answers questions from the Juggies to enlighten them on some details from his world and life."
― Description

everything you never wanted to know about isaac. is a video uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on June 15th, 2017.


ISAAC REVEALS EVERYTHING ABOUT HIS LIFE — Isaac answers questions about his life, his world, and Jesse Ridgway, from the Juggies, while also getting disappointed from the type of questions they're asking.




  • This is the only Question and Answer video done by Isaac.

Twitter Juggie Questions

(Isaac reveals his Mom is in his trunk as his startout to the QNA video)

  1. @HeatherPeloza (How old are you exactly?) - Isaac responds he's 18
  2. @YegsTv (so... your mom.... Sorry. Jesse's mom. She your slave now? How much for her? Heard some people are interested....) - Isaac responds an offer for 20 grand for his mother.
  3. @billings_steve (what's gonna happen to Josh now that longbags is dead) - Isaac responds that Longbags is alive.
  4. @Kaitlynsarha (will you ever let Jesse out of the mirror?) - Isaac responds that he's letting Jesse make a choice to that.
  5. @XBrittanyDukeX (What don't you like about Jesse?) - Isaac responds that he dislikes everything about Jesse and his life.)
  6. @thebrickboy103 (How many shots can you do in a minute?) - Isaac responds to showing himself taking a shot and about fun times.
  7. @amy_rosling (Do you do YouTube in the other world? ❤️) - Isaac responds that he does.
  8. @taavi_rautavirt (How can us fans help you...) - Isaac responds to be supportive on the channel.
  9. @knightley626 (Does isaac also dislike spiders?) - Isaac responds that he has a hatred for spiders.
  10. @JuggerNuggetsFP (what do you miss the most and why?) - Isaac responds that he's not gonna answer that.
  11. @amy_rosling (Why are you afraid of the water? ❤️) - Isaac responds he doesn't know.
  12. @FrostyPixelz (Do the beanies that you wear mean anything?) - Isaac responds that he's a complete boss
  13. @1DJuggie (Did you have the option of going somewhere else? If so, why Jesse's world?) - Isaac responds that he'd go anywhere besides Jesse's world.
  14. @beanie_back (are you going to kill your mom)) - Isaac responds that he refuses to do that.