Post Date December 27, 2015
Duration 19:09
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse begins to worry that his Dad knows where his Mom has been staying."

FATHER KNOWS BEST! is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 27, 2015.


The video begins with Corn filming Jesse showing off his new jacket that he obtained for Christmas, and reflects on the events of the previous night. The two decide to ask Jeffrey Jr. if he had told Jeffrey Sr. where Theresa was staying, Jeffrey Jr. denies any involvement.

Jesse and Corn leave the room, but are stopped by Jeffrey Sr., who asks where they are going. Jesse tells Jeffrey Sr. that they are going to Uncle Larry's, however, Jeffrey Sr. believes that they are going to The Stahlberger Household, and calls out Jesse. Jesse tells Jeffrey Sr. that he "doesn't like going there," and shuts the door. Jesse and Corn proceed to head over to Larry's house.

Once at the Abraham Household, Uncle Larry shows Jesse and Corn the gifts he received for Christmas and Tom says what he received. Jesse tells Larry that Jeffrey Sr. may know where Theresa is staying, since he had been tailed the day before. Uncle Larry questions if Jeffrey Sr. truly knows, and the two convert the conversation to shoutout, since they attempt to end the vlog.

The video cuts to Jesse at the Ridgway Residence, who gives his ending lines before being passed by Jeffrey Sr. heading towards his truck. Jeffrey Sr. tells Jesse that he's going to get some liquor and going to Melissa's house, and finally gets Jesse to confirm that Theresa is indeed staying there. Jeffrey Sr. speeds off in his truck, while Jesse and Corn dash to Jesse's car and chase after him.



The events of this video are immediately picked up in AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD!.

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