Forced resignation
Post Date March 19, 2016
Duration 34:07
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse's Dad learns of his son's job at the canvas company."

FORCED RESIGNATION! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets Youtube channel on March 19, 2016.


The video starts with Jesse trying to relax in his bedroom with Corn after his second day of work at the canvas company. Jeffrey Sr. tell Jesse to clean up the living room, as Ella made a mess on the carpet. Jesse refuses to do so, saying that it is his father's job to do so. This eventually lead the two into an argument. As they argue, Jesse tells his father that he's exhausted from working at his job. At first, his father thinks he's bluffing and asks him where he's working, in which Jesse replies that he's working at the family's canvas company, A&J Canvas (the Juggies Store). This lead to a bigger argument as his father says that he doesn't want Jesse working there, due to the fact that he has a bachelor's college degree, meaning that he wants him to apply for a much better job. At first, Jesse (obviously) refuses, but then his father threatens him that if he doesn't quit the job till the 31st, things will happen. Eventually, Jeffrey Sr. successfully pursues Jesse into quitting the job and leaves out of the house for a couple of hours. Jesse and Corn start to clean the living room, while Jesse rants about the aforementioned argument. Corn then notices a box and tells Jesse that he's always been curious what's in there ever since they rearranged the room. Out of curiosity, they decide to check what's in the box. Inside, they discovered an American flag. They didn't had much of a reaction at first, but when they removed it, they discovered a small box with real revolver bullets, a revolver and a random NES game cartridge. This caught Jesse's attention as sudden questions began to pop up in his mind such as; "Why did his dad had a bullets for the gun?", "Why was a random NES game on the box next to the revolver?". Jesse, in a rush, eventually puts back everything away then closes the box.

The vlog ends with Jesse suspicious about his dad's "little secrets" and saying that he might spend the weekend with his girlfriend.




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