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"You could tell he fucked up. That's when Fred realized he fucked up."
―Jesse describing Fred's mauling

Fred is an unseen Chesapeake Bay Retriever antagonist in Jesse Ridgway's childhood.


Before Poopyjohn, Ella, and Luna, there were three other family dogs including: Barney the Labrador Retriever, Betsy the old Beagle and Fred, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

According to Jesse Ridgway, When a fierce thunderstorm hit, Fred ran away and was not found for a long time. He was eventually found, but he was traumatized during his disappearance and was out of character.

One day, at age eight, Jesse became jealous of Jeffrey petting Fred so Jesse decided to pet him as well on the rear. However, being petted on the rear caused him to become unstable and corner Jesse to the point of mauling him in the face. This caused Jesse to be rushed to the hospital. Fred was released from the house into a nearby dog cage (which now is abandoned).

During Jesse's teenage years, Barney, Betsy and Fred passed away of natural causes.[1]

Things He Has Damaged

Victim Video(s) Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jesse Ridgway None Mauled. Survived; recovered.



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