Post Date Sep 22, 2015
Duration 15:50
Genre Vlog
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GOLDEN PLAY BUTTON FIGHT is a vlog uploaded by McJuggerNuggets on September 22, 2015.


The video opens with Jesse and Corn, who are going outside to obtain Jesse's golden YouTube Play Button. Upon inspection, it is revealed that the play button is missing from the box. Enraged, Jesse confronts Jeffrey Jr. and after looking around, the play button is found in Jeffrey Jr.'s closet. Jeffrey Jr. then grabs the button and enters the living room, where Jeffrey Sr. and Terry are. Jeffrey Jr. shows Jeffrey Sr. the play button, and much to Jesse's horror, Jeffrey Sr. reveals that the play button is all of theirs, since they are in many videos. Jesse then proceeds to "make room" for the play button by removing pictures. Jeffrey Sr. and Jeffrey Jr. decide to hang the play button in the living room, much to the disagreement to Jesse and Terry. For the next several minutes, Jeffrey Sr. struggles to hang the play button onto the wall. While this is happening, Corn decides that he wants to leave. In return, Jeffrey Sr. starts ranting to Corn, "What do you mean you're gonna go?! You're gonna ruin all the fun?!" In response, Corn states that he is feeling uncomfortable, and leaves. After Corn leaves, Jesse takes over filming. Jeffrey Sr. is finally able to hang up the play button, at the same time, Jesse decides to go into his room. Whilst walking, Jeffrey Sr. yells to Jesse to hang the pictures that Jesse previously took down in anger. Jesse ignores this, and does his typical outro.


  • Despite destroying the last YouTube Play Button in Psycho Dad Shatters Youtube Play Button, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. is shown to have a change of heart concerning the achievement as he wants it displayed in the family living room.
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