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Garfunkle, as seen in THE STORY OF GARFUNKLE!
Full Name: Garfunkel Abraham
Kitty Orth
Alias Crazy Eyes "Garfunkel"
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Family: Kandis Orth (Former Owner)
Larry Abraham (Owner)
Tom Abraham (Owner)
Current Friends:
Current friends:
First appearance: THE STORY OF GARFUNCLE!
Last appearance: Epilogue

"Garfunkel, stay funky!"
―Jesse to Garfunkel

Garfunkle,  also known as, Garfunkel and Garfuncle (originally, Crazy Eyes) was Larry and Tom Abraham's cat. She was a deaf, white cat with Heterochromia iridum.


Early Life

Prior to being rescued by Larry and Tom, Garfunkel was a homeless cat with both hind legs broken. Larry suspects she was hit by a car before he found her, which broke her legs.

Prior to being homeless, she actually lived across the street from Larry's house and apparently gotten herself lost when she was outside the original owner's household. Making Uncle Larry remark about her making the conclusion that "this might be the stupidest cat on the face of the planet".

Larry found her at their doorstep and decided to take care of her. She had a sedentary lifestyle being due to her advanced old age - she was estimated to be at least 15 years old and, according to Uncle Larry, she "can't jump off the couch due to her broken legs".

Psycho Series

Garfunkel was seen walking in ARRESTED! *PSYCHO UPDATE*, where she stands on the sofa to let Uncle Larry know she wants to get off the sofa. Garfunkel has very little grip on the floor when she walks, causing her hind legs to slip as she walks.


Sometime in between when The Psycho Series ended and GOODBYE GARFUNCLE..., Uncle Larry's neighbors, Kandis Orth and her boyfriend, inquired about her cat that's been missing for eight years. Which revealed more of Garfunkel's past, including her original name; "Kitty".

The original owners let Uncle Larry keep Garfunkel since she did not want any additional pets in the house consisting of two dogs, a cat, and toddlers.


  • In LIFE BACK HOME *PSYCHO UPDATE*, Uncle Larry placed a towel on the sofa because Garfunkel always excretes too much.
  • Since she has two different-colored eyes, Garfunkel appears to have Heterochromia iridum.
  • There is debate as to the spelling of Garfunkel's name, since it has been spelled Garfunkle, Garfuncle and Garfunkel on different occasions.