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Full Name: Gingy
Alias Little Brother
Gender: Male
Occupation: Gang Member in Solomon's Brotherhood
Status: Unknown (presumed alive)
Deceased (in E.V.E.)
Current Friends:
Current Enemies:
First appearance: scouting solomon's.
Last appearance: noah's ark.

Gingy is a character in My Virtual Escape. He is one of Solomon's remaining brothers. He is portrayed by Jeff Saxton Jr.

He first appeared in scouting solomon's. along with the other brothers.

He is one of Solomon's subordinates as he is seen getting his XP stolen constantly by Arachnid and Isaac, and killed quite a lot times, mostly by Arachnid.

Outside of E.V.E, he and Jesus manage to tie John up to a tree to beat him up with a wrench. They make him enter the virtual world for one last time before he is killed by Solomon.

Later in the game, The Servant/Overlord claims that he was the "chosen one" from himself, and forced him out of the Brotherhood, and bought dozens of XP packs for him to level up. He was one of the people chosen to kill Arachnid. When Michael finds out that Gingy was levelling up, he warns Gingy to not hang out with The Servant and that Solomon wants him to come back to the brotherhood.

After that, he meets Solomon outside of E.V.E, finding out that Solomon was actually a little girl. She asked him to return to the brotherhood, to which he agrees. He was asked to guard their home. Longbags emerged from the Master Realm, met Gingy and asked Gingy to shoot him, to which Gingy does. Later, Gingy is hit in the head by a bag of oranges by Isaac.

After Solomon was killed by Arachnid, Gingy has left with no boss again, blaming A.D.A.M for letting Team Piece of Shit into the Brotherhood Residence and teams up with The Overlord again.

Final Death

In noah's ark, he appears for the very last time battling it out with A.D.A.M, the former tutorial guy. He is very close to killing A.D.A.M until he is able to overcome his pain and kills Gingy. Before his death, he reveals that he entered the game because he wanted to see his father again.

He does not appear after this, but it is presumed that he is still alive after the game ended.


  • He is one of the players who is seen dying more than once throughout the whole game of E.V.E.
  • He is one of the only players who know that Solomon is actually a child, along with Isaac, Rebekah, Arachnid, Jesus and A.D.A.M.
  • He is one of the two players in E.V.E who has actually met Solomon outside of the virtual world, the first two being Isaac and Jesus.

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