GoPro Fetch Test
GoPro Fetch Test
Post Date April 29, 2015
Duration 2:56
Genre BigBrudda Video
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Video Transcript
"New GoPro! Wanted to test it out, so, nothing special, I strapped it to the most high strung dog I've ever encountered. It's very disorienting."
―Description, from Jeffrey Jr.'s perspective

"GoPro Fetch Test" is the ninth episode of the BigBrudda Series, uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on April 29, 2015.


Jeffrey Jr. tests out his new GoPro by strapping it onto Luna's back and starts playing fetch with her and the rest of the dogs.


GoPro Fetch Test was filmed by Luna.


  • GoPro Fetch Test is the first video where there is no dialogue and just music.
  • GoPro Fetch Test is the first, and so far only, video to be filmed by an animal.
  • GoPro Fetch Test was made a day after the BigBrudda YouTube channel was hacked.
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