Hollywood Series MJN Photo
Creator Jesse Ridgway
No. of episodes (33 Episodes)
Series type YouTube series
Original run July 25, 2016 - September 23, 2016
"After finishing the Psycho Series, Jesse is unable to put out his "behind the scenes" content because of a legally-binding contract with a shady Hollywood director."
―Playlist description.

HOLLYWOOD HYPE/DOCUMENTARY SERIES was a series of Vlogs that documented Jesse Ridgway's conflict against Brian Spitz, a Hollywood writer/director also known on YouTube as "youtuber24". As said by Jesse Ridgway himself, this series is a spin-off to the Psycho Series. It was also said to be the second series to feature such similar characters and similar actions, such as the Psycho-esque characters and the destruction of items.


A couple of weeks after the end of The Psycho Series, Jesse Ridgway is contacted by Brian Spitz a.k.a. YouTuber24, a Hollywood writer/director who initially filmed him and Zachary "Corn" Cornatzer at the Wingless Eagle during the series, contacted him multiple times until he went all the way to New Jersey, flew a drone over Jesse's house, and caused conflict. After said conflict however, the two agree on a big documentary movie about the creation of the Psycho Series, titled ''Psycho Family'', and make a deal through a contract. Jesse cannot release any Psycho Series BTS until the doc is finished and released. Despite this agreement, many things go awry. Jesse becomes impatient and wants to get more views on his channel. He disregardingly breaches the contract by releasing a few of the behind the scenes footage, under the thought that because it's his footage, he doesn't have to follow the contract and can do what he pleases. Brian gets disappointed more each time Jesse breaches the contract. This creates a horde of trust issues and on top of that, it makes everyone think that Brian is in the wrong when he's really not.







Ep. No. Episode Title Release Date YT
1 My Biggest Secret! (REVEALED) 25th July, 2016 (YouTube) Link
2 BEHIND THE SCENES! *LEAKED* 27th July, 2016 (YouTube) Link
3 CUNNING STUNTS & YOUTUBER24! 31st July, 2016 (YouTube) Link
4 CALLING HOLLYWOOD! *BTS FOOTAGE* 1st Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
6 CRASHING A FAN'S DRONE! 7th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
7 THE NEW CAMERAMAN! *REVEALED* 9th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
8 I'M GETTING SUED?! 12th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
9 FAN THROWS SLURPEE AT YOUTUBER24! 15th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
10 FAN BREAKS INTO MY HOUSE! 18th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
11 STOLEN HARD DRIVE/BTS UPDATE! 19th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
12 YOUTUBER24 LAWSUIT! 22nd Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
13 HE FOUND US... 23rd Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
14 GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS! 24th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
15 THE DOCUMENTARY REVIEW! 26th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
16 LET'S HAVE REAL TALK! 27th Aug, 2016 (YouTube) Link
17 YOUTUBER24 CONFRONTATION! 4th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
18 FIGHT OVER THE DOC! 5th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
19 MAKING OUR OWN DOCUMENTARY! 6th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
20 GUESS WHAT WE GOT!!! 8th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
21 FLOUR LEAFBLOWER PRANK! (GONE WRONG) 9th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
22 SHREDDING THE DOCUMENTARY! 11th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
23 BRIAN QUITS?! 13th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
24 DOG PISSES ON MY HARD DRIVE! 13th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
25 IT'S OFFICIALLY BROKEN! 14th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
26 BLOODY TOOTH PRANK! 15th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
27 BRIAN FINALLY ANSWERS! 16th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
28 BRIAN'S LEGAL TAKEDOWN! 18th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
29 PSYCHO DAD GOES TO HOLLYWOOD! 20th Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
30 HUNTING DOWN YOUTUBER24! 21st Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
31 PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS BRIAN! 21st Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
32 THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! 22nd Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link
33 IT'S ALL OVER! 23rd Sep, 2016 (YouTube) Link


The DOCUMENTARY SERIES mostly met with mixed to average reviews, with some criticizing the fact that it left nowhere near as much of an impact as the Psycho Series, while some simply just enjoyed it for the entertainment.


  • Jesse and Brian stated in IT'S ALL OVER! that the documentary arc may start up again in the future, which could mean this particular series is not over just yet.
  • This is the second time Jesse has portrayed a series as real and then revealed it to be fake.