I NEED YOUR HELP! (Juggie Video to Dad)
Post Date Apr 26, 2015
Duration 9:14
Genre Vlog
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Jesse Ridgway wrote a letter to his dad trying to get in his house, but then decided to get the Juggies (his subscribers) involved. The Instructions and letter he posted are below:

The Letter: 

"Dear, Mr. Ridgway

We are Juggies. We are subscribers to your son, Jesse's, Youtube Channel. We are 1,000,000 strong and counting. And we are just trying to help...

I have been watching Jesse for quite some time now and what he has been going through breaks my heart. Time and time again, you have broken his things and have not treated him with the love and respect he deserves. He needs you just as much as we need him. Please try and understand...

Jesse has been really working hard and trying to become a better person. He has inspired thousands of us and continues to motivate us every single day. Despite all the problems he faces day-in and day-out, he never once stops smiling. He is really trying to make a living doing what he loves and all he needs is support. We have been that for him and will continue to do so, because he's not getting it from the one who matters most: His Father.

We have seen Jesse change drastically over the last month and we think it is time he's allowed back in the house. He feels horrible about everything that has happened and has truly learned his lesson. I pray that you open your heart and your mind and let Jesse back in. He just needs another chance...

Youtube is a job. Video games have also had huge impacts in all of our lives. Jesse puts countless hours into making our days brighter, even when his might not be. It might not make sense, but Jesse can make money from this. It may not be a lot and it might not come fast, but if you believe in your son like we do, then things might just work out. All that matters is that we try and that all comes down to you.

We can't force someone to live a life that is not their's. Every person deserves a chance to become who they were meant to be, even you Mr. Ridgway. 


(not in the video) Here is what I need: -Record a video of yourself reading the aforementioned letter. (Read slowly and put some emotion behind it. Also, be sure to talk to the lens and not be reading from a piece of paper.) -Have a stable setup, good lighting and record in High Definition. -Edit the video to your liking and try to get it in a .MOV format. -Compress the video and go to -Attach the video and send it to this e-mail: (not in the video).