I Remain
I Remain.jpg
Creator Domenic Maisto
No. of episodes 5
Series type YouTube Series
Original run October 6th, 2018 - Jan 14th, 2019

I Remain is a series created by Domenic Maisto, that follows the tale of Domenic Maisto & The Devil.

Recap of Previous Events in The Devil Inside

Season 1

After switching in and out of many characters with the ability to snap his fingers so many times for 10 years, Jesse learns that he can't seem to control his story-telling power. First, he tries to test and fix his snapper and eventually turns into all of his characters from the past but managed to snap back out of it. Jesse is later told by YouTuber Daym Drops to stop snapping to avoid serious and dangerous consequences if a darkness that's within him is released. However, feeling that his channel will cease to exist without snapping, Jesse snaps his fingers one last time, despite the warnings of one of his characters Tony Trevorelli and Parker, but it ends up with him getting trapped inside a mirror down in the basement. As a result, a darker, grittier and more depressed twin counterpart of Jesse named Isaac Kalder emerges. Isaac, being his own person, has waited for a long time to escape from all the drama in his world and pretends to be Jesse in order to hide the truth. But at that moment, he has lost all of his memories and instead only has all of Jesse's memories. At first, no one knows that something is strange about "Jesse". The Psycho Series: Behind the Scenes, the props and the documentary have finally been released as Jesse had promised to the Juggies and there’s even a story-telling app being created called StoryFire.

But as the weeks progress, Isaac begins to show his true nature by doing insane, cruel and dangerous pranks, drug and alcohol usage, changing from Jesse's appearance to his true appearance (such as dying his hair black, piercing his own ears and a tattoo "I'm a Psychopath" getting stitched onto his back), having a bad and abusive attitude, attempting to commit suicide multiple times and finally kidnapping people such as Jesse's mother Theresa. During his time here in Jesse's house, while it is getting redone, all of Isaac's memories are starting to come back to him while Jesse is still trapped inside the mirror as he tries to find a way to escape. Isaac starts neglecting and destroying himself as well as everybody Jesse had loved, including the Juggies, his friends and his family. When everything turns from bad, to worse and finally into a living nightmare, it will be up to Jesse to come back home into his world before it is all too late, but to no avail. Now it will be up to his brother Jeffrey Jr., their Uncle Larry, Parker, and Daym Drops (The Wizard) to stop Isaac, force him to snap back into his own world and bring back the real Jesse. They eventually succeeded when they corner Isaac in a parking lot one night. However, Jesse suddenly didn't return which made Larry, Jeffrey Jr., and Parker confused. Later that night, Jeffrey Jr. and Parker suspect that Isaac had secretly delivered the mirror containing Jesse to Boogie2988 so they travel to his house to investigate.

Season 2

Eventually, "Jesse" finally comes out the mirror with Parker and Jeffrey Jr.'s help and was able to fix Boogie's personality as well as his attitude before they head back home to New Jersey and reunite with all the people Jesse had missed. "Jesse" gets rid of Isaac's appearance and tries to pick up where he left and what he missed, Jeffrey Jr. quits his job to do YouTube and instead travels to some parking areas where he finds six colored gems in each site and Parker quits his job working for Jesse since he had been his cameraman for 12 months and instead starts making his own YouTube channel somewhere else. Later, Jeffrey Sr. has a conversation with "Jesse" by framing him for all the actions he had committed instead of Isaac and decides that he has had enough with the snapping, but also is tired of being filmed after he destroys Jesse's camera. Jeff is also furious at Jeffrey Jr. for quitting his job and blames “Jesse” for talking his brother into it, but “Jesse” denies and accuses Jeff Jr. of ripping off his content.

A few days later, "Jesse" goes out of control with all of his characters while having an argument with Jeff Sr., but this causes him to immediately become a demonic doppelgänger-like entity known as "The Devil", who is also known as "The Creator". It was later shown that the actual person who came out the mirror at Boogie's house was not really Jesse, but was instead The Devil who came out after Isaac got forced back into his own realm, revealing the real Jesse is actually trapped in a secret dimension known as the "Mirror Realm". It’s also revealed that after the Psycho Series ended, Jesse became really sad that it's all over and eventually all of those depressed emotions have transformed into The Devil. After being created, The Devil would then go on to create Isaac, revealing that he possessed the latter and used him as his pawn to destroy everything in Jesse's universe including his loved ones, turning his life into a misery. The Devil is shown to wield a mysterious and powerful necklace secretly being given to him by Ursula after he transported into The Spirit of Ursula world and had a conversation with Ursula that if she wants to become alive again since she is now dead, she needs to have two people drink from a poisoned stream from where she resides, thus making The Devil responsible for the events of The Spirit of Ursula series. Now that The Devil fully resembles Jesse, he needs a new cameraman in order to create new content due to Parker leaving the channel. So he decided to create a cameraman competition, where a couple of Juggies will audition and be selected based on their quality to compete against each other in order to win and be the new cameraman of The Devil. As The Devil holds the competition with Jeffrey Jr. and Uncle Larry, a famous YouTuber named Michael McCrudden gets his attention. He tracks him down for a negative talk about Jesse's family to find out if Michael was a disappointed creator and fan behind everything, but they, however, talked it out afterward.

After winning a Streamy Award for the documentary, The Devil has chosen six of the cameraman contestants to come at the Ridgway Residence in order to compete. However, his ways of training are tough and questionable, and he even shows that he hates being disobeyed and questioned about himself and the content. The Devil is also shown to be vulnerable and immortal to the six gems that Jeffrey Jr. had found and in need to get rid of them any way he can. However, he is suddenly stalked by a mysterious hooded figure with a mirror for a face known as the "Mirror Man" for the last two months, who actually turns out to be the real Jesse in disguise. It was revealed that Jesse had learned a special technique while still trapped in the Mirror Realm and used it to finally transport back into his own world, but nobody even knew it at the same time. The Devil gets revenge on Jesse by ruining and destroying everything at any cost including all of Jesse's characters and connections to their realms with the help of a brainwashed Jeffrey Sr. and demanding to hear a story about Isaac. Fortunately, Jesse shoots and apparently kills The Devil for good in order to save the last two remaining cameramen and to also prevent The Devil from destroying anything or anyone else in his path.


Afterward, Jesse mourns for the loss of his characters, especially his favorite Psycho Kid before throwing away all the destroyed mirrors that The Devil and Jeff Sr. busted. When Jesse comes back into his house, Jeff Sr. tells him he got a package, but Jesse is confused and tells Jeffrey Sr. that he never ordered anything. Jeff Sr. suddenly starts to become like Psycho Dad, but before Jesse can succeed in snapping his father out of his character, The Devil, revealed to be still alive in Jesse's mind after his physical form was killed, possesses him. Frightened, Jesse flees to his room where he glances at the remains of Psycho Kid: a picture of him crying out in Switzerland after he was finally free. He then goes to the Abraham Residence to find Uncle Larry packing away everything from his channel. Jesse becomes sad about this after learning that Larry is quitting YouTube for a while and heard that Jeffrey Jr. is quitting as well due to him not getting enough views and decided to go back to his job as an accountant. Jesse wants to give up as well and go back into hiding, but Uncle Larry and Jeff Jr. warn him not to snap back into the mirror and become Isaac again.

When Jesse later opens the package he received, he finds the same mirror that he was trapped inside before. The Devil, having transferred his soul into the necklace, confronts Jesse and orders him to snap back into Isaac. However, Jesse refused and tosses the necklace away after remembering that Psycho Kid still didn't give up and lived for the Juggies long enough when the Psycho Series ended. Later, Jeff Sr. finds the necklace on the pool table and puts it on, causing The Devil to possess him. In the meantime, another one of Jesse’s YouTuber friends, Jeff Saxton Jr. (SwiftUAV) becomes his new cameraman after Parker's departure and Jesse, with none of his other characters left (except Isaac) and with Theresa's insistence, begins making a new series called "My Virtual Escape", which tells Isaac's story and that he stars as the main character of the series. On December 21st, 2017, Jesse announces that he, with the help of a writer named Mike Grimm, 512 Juggies and Boogie, came up with an idea to continue the Psycho Series by putting it in a graphic novel using Psycho Kid's remains and continuing his story. In this sequel after the events of the Psycho Series, Jesse is now living his life in Switzerland after killing his father and fleeing New Jersey. Unfortunately, unknown to him, The Devil forced Jesse's cousin Tom to resurrect Psycho Dad, who vows revenge on his son for his murder and now plots to kill him as payback for what Jesse did to him, but this was later resolved thanks to Talon, Jesse's new pet eagle, blinding Tom and pushed him into a portal to his presumed death before saving Jesse and Psycho Dad from dying on an island. Afterward, Jesse returns to New Jersey and was able to move back into his old house, which had been dilapidated with no inhabitants and left in ruins since after murdering his dad and fleeing to Switzerland. He, with the encouragement from the Juggies, manages to reconcile with his family, especially with his father, except Uncle Larry, who has committed suicide by drowning in an ocean instead of helping Jesse and Psycho Dad escape.



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