Post Date April 5, 2015
Duration 7:36
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"After learning that he wouldn't be invited to Easter, Jesse decides to go anyway. Thanks to Jeffrey for hooking me up with some footage!"

JESSE CRASHES EASTER! is the seventh episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 5, 2015.


The video opens with Jesse looking at the moon on Easter's Eve and comments on how Eagle's Landing looks at night and that he can do shadow puppets. Jesse goes into Eagle's Landing and says that he still hasn't received an invite for Easter. He says that might raid the house if he doesn't get one.

It cuts to the next day where Jesse still hasn't received an invite, but someone had left an Easter basket outside his tent, saying that it was the "Easter Eagle". Jesse mentions that some of his family have looked down the trail to Eagle's Landing and waved before walking away, which Jesse seems hurt by. Jesse decides to text Jeffrey Jr. to film as he raids the house and asks the viewer to wish him luck.

Jesse approaches the dog cage, where the dogs react. Jesse says that he doesn't care anymore if Jeffrey Sr. knows about Eagle's Landing. He looks at his family eating and talking.

The video cuts to Jeffrey Jr. coming out of the house as Jesse comes over. Jeffrey Sr. stands up and asks what he is doing, telling him that he isn't here for Easter dinner. Jesse ignores him and goes into the house. Jeffrey Sr. is annoyed that Jesse is disrespecting him in front of the family as Theresa tells him to sit back down. Jesse comes back out with a plate full of food as Jeffrey Sr. tells him to go back to the tent, revealing that he knows about it. Jesse tells them to enjoy the holiday without him as Jeffrey Jr. laughs.

Jesse is overjoyed about his success as he returns to Eagle's Landing to eat, calling it home.



"Go back to your tent I know it's back there." - Jeffrey Sr.

"Walking up and disrespecting me." - Jeffrey Sr.

"Have a nice holiday. Without me!" - Jesse

"What the hell are you doing? Didn't I tell you you weren't invited to Easter dinner?" - Jeffrey Sr.


  • One of the items in Jesse's Easter basket was a Super Smash Bros. Mario Amiibo figure.
  • Another item in the Easter basket was a box of Jack Links Beef Jerky.
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