Jeff smashing trophies
Post Date April 25, 2015
Duration 1:00
Genre BigBrudda Video
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JESSE SMASHES TROPHIES! (Broken Lens Revenge) is the eighth episode of the BigBrudda Series, uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on April 12th, 2015.


Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. explains to the viewers how the previous night he attempted to prank his brother Jesse with a paintball gun, but the tables turned on him when his camera lens was broken. For revenge, Jeffrey Jr. has found more of Jeffrey Sr.'s trophies and destroys them with a baseball bat. Afterwards, he explains how Jesse will take the blame and he sends a text to Jeffrey Sr., saying Jesse had come and smashed the trophies.


Jeffrey Jr.'s revenge plan worked as in the episode PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS UNCLE LARRY!, Jeffrey Sr. accuses Jesse of destroying his trophies and in turn, breaks his Nintendo DS Lite that Jesse got from fan mail.


JESSE SMASHES TROPHIES! (Broken Lens Revenge) has way more dislikes than likes, about a 1 like to 3 dislikes ratio. Because of this, Jeffrey Jr. lost many of his subscribers and lost many of his followers on Twitter and Instagram.


  • On April 28, 2015, JESSE SMASHES TROPHIES! (Broken Lens Revenge) was deleted, along with the previous videos when the BigBrudda YouTube channel was hacked by someone purporting to be the internet activist group Anonymous. Also, the hacker released a video of the hacking on the hacker's channel, and on the BigBrudda channel the hacker released a video called "Long live the phoenix landing :)".
    • This is legitimate because it showed them hacking into his account and uploading that video. However, this video alongside the rest of the previous videos were restored when Jeffrey Jr. regained control of his account.
  • When Jeffrey Sr. discovered it was Jeffrey Jr. who destroyed the trophies and not Jesse, he blamed Jeffrey Jr. for framing Jesse and smashed Jeffrey's camera on the ground.
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