Post Date September 16, 2015
Duration 13:21
Genre Vlog
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JUGGIES STORE FREAKOUT! is a vlog video by McJuggerNuggets uploaded on September 16, 2015.


After flaking out the day earlier (GATHERING STREAM SUPPLIES!), Jesse decides to follow through on his plan to confront his mom and Uncle Larry at their business. Jesse and Corn arrive at the store and tell his mom that he needs to talk. Theresa wants to know why Corn is there with a camera but Jesse tells her he has to be there. Jesse makes it known that he doesn't want Big Brudda shirts sold there. Larry comes in and tells Jesse to calm down, Jesse tells him it doesn't concern Larry. Jesse tells his mom and Larry the shirts won't sell well because Jeffrey is a jerk and the Juggies hate him. Theresa tells Jesse that it won't hurt him to sell the Big Brudda shirts. Larry asks Jesse if he saw the video he made (Plea to Jesse) but Jesse says he doesn't watch any of his videos. Jesse say's he'll pull his business from the store if they sell the shirts. Theresa begins to cry as Jesse accuses her of helping him get kicked out. As Jesse starts to leave his mom shows him a shirt they made for him in memory of Eagles Landing. Jesse begins to tear up as well and makes up with his Uncle and Mom. Jesse decides to get a cut of Jeffrey's earnings for the Big Brudda shirts because its his audience. Jesse leaves the store, his differences resolved with Theresa and Larry. Jesse is told by his aunt Jackie to be more respectful. Jesse and Corn go back to the car and ends the video.


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